Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Canadian Christmas

We did things the Canadian way this year & spent the holidays snowboarding our little hearts out at Big White with Andy's family. I heart them!

Seriously Canucks got things all backwards. For some odd reason they think Christmas is like Halloween...picture men dressed as nuns skiing, swamp man & polar bear snowboarders, and most memorable of all a man wearing only a thong held up by suspenders as he plowed down the mountain. Oh and the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day. I thought for sure I'd see people throwing a wicked left hook, maybe some bloody faces, but no there was nothing of the sort. To top it off, we met more Australians than Canadians and found out from an Aussie himself that Canadians "treat them like slaves" working for them all winter. Hmmm...sounds kinda like Az and Cali except for, well never mind! I'll get on with the trip & let the pictures do the talking : )

at this point they were all making fun of me for wanting a picture with a tractor since Lance's family (BIL) owns several much larger in size...only an Az girl would think this was cool!

the girls are learning early about laptop addiction

the boys

I leave you with my favorite Christmas apparel this year...Andy thinks they're disgusting : )

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our new little addition

Haha, you thought I was going to announce I was prego didn't you?! Andy & I took the next step in our marriage and purchased our first car together. It was a big step considering the most expensive thing we've ever purchased thus far is our plane tickets to Canada (which we are so stoked to be going there in t-minus 3 days) Ironically, Andy's car transmission went out the day after we talked about getting rid of my bug bug that he so loves to drive. Unfortunately for Andy we had to purchase something that would serve him well for the next 10 years or so. Needless to say he got something I swore I would never own...a Subaru Outback. I said I'd never own one because #1 hippie tree huggin' liberals tend to own them #2 I would look so much hotter in a Lexus IS 250 #3 the older ones remind me of a station wagon. Now that we have one I love it! What other car can you camp in, carry your bikes, snowboards, offroad in & even throw a kid in the back seat! I actually almost cried when we got home from test driving it because I realized I've changed since being married to Andy (for the better) & owning a Subaru is just one more step closer to making me into a Northwest girl & not the Arizona girl that I am: ( My sister's adorable family stopped by to say hi on their way to Disneyland so we got a pic in front of the new wheels...I LOVE my nieces & nephews!

Brig was attacking Andy in this pic...

ok, this one is a little nicer, from left to right: Andy, Hunter, Me, Bailee, Brigham, Jaxon, Jalen

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm just gonna say it...

I LOVE US! Breck had the brilliant idea of a girls trip reunion in Park City filled with snowboarding, sledding, crafting, dancing and laughing, needless to say it was amazing! We literally stayed in "the penthouse" located at the resort it self, chatting it up until 4 am was a nightly occurrence and a few of us may have peed our pants just a little from laughing so know who you are : ) We were only missing two of "US", Jill (who just gave birth) and Cherisse : ( Oh how we missed you both! You girls will forever be my friends, I will never find friendships so unique filled with love & laughter, free of girl drama and caddyness. I truly had the best high school experience thanks to all of you, FRIENDS 4EVR

We made a pact...don't let me down!! Can't wait for "GIrls Showdown 2014"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seriously it's almost December?!

We enjoyed a nice weekend with the whole famdamily! T'was very special to say the least : ) Some of my favorites included...

Hiking Camelback

Breakfast with almost all my girls!

visiting my fave HS seminary teacher who now teaches my cute niece! Seriously, I am forever thankful for him!
Andy's face lit up like Christmas morning when he visited G-ma's bathroom & insisted we get a pic of him "stepping into a time machine"!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Tale of Two Jacks

After the Angel's loss last Sunday, seven tests in four days, and his 27th old man birthday approaching, Andy deserved a lumber jack kind of that's what we did! Santa Barbara has to be one of the most beautiful places to go camping (or shopping)!

Meet Lumber Jack & Lumber Jill, or Jen whatever

Lumber Jack studied ortho

while Lumber Jen read love stories

While enjoying the view, a terrible storm rolled in and sucked Lumber Jen right into the ocean.

Luckily, Lumber Jack was a certified life guard and came to Jen's rescue

Even luckier, Lumber Jen used her mad crab walking skills she learned in 1st grade PE to keep herself safe until Lumber Jack spotted her.

Lumber Jack & Jen shared a sweet embrace and then celebrated their reunion with an intense game of FROLF, on an 18 hole course stashed secretly away in the middle of camping paradise

After an intense and sweaty game of FROLF, Lumber Jen asked Lumber Jack if she looked beautiful and he proudly exclaimed, "Yes, in your own beautiful greasy way". That was when she knew he truly loved her despite her odor. To show Lumber Jack just how much she loved him, she broke her rule of no showering and not changing her socks & transformed from this....

to this...

Lumber Jack was mezmorized by her enchanting smell, drug out his axe and built her a ferocious fire.

Lumber Jack & Lumber Jen lived happily ever after roasting weenies, growing old together and painting pictures in the sand

WOW, we really need to have a kid so it can take more pictures of us together! : )

Love always,
your #1 Lumber Jen

Sunday, October 25, 2009

bring out the monkeys

If this doesn't answer your question, then I don't know what does...
YES WE ARE WEIRDOS : ) Our rally monkeys are out!! BRING ON THE YANKS! Oh & yes I am not a wife who pretends to watch "the game", I whole heartedly love it & encourage it, so essentially I created this monster!

I've finally determined why Andy's favorite month is October... because #1 baseball playoffs, #2 any items he wants to purchase he tricks me & says they can be for his birthday #3 this little decoration...he thinks it's fun to change the sign from In to Out whenever I leave the house! Oh well, if I'm the witch then that makes him my flying monkey!
p.s. please let there be a game #7 and I will be a very happy witch : )

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's your perfect date?

The other day I was asked for some "womanly advice" from a man who wanted some good date ideas for a very special lady he was trying to impress. For the average person I think I would have been able to give some good ideas but you see this man is a very high roller so I was stumped. I laughed when he asked me for some ideas and said, "I'm not your typical girl, my kind of date includes a steak and a baseball game". Yeah, that was definately not what he was looking for to impress his girl : )


Today our date started like this.....

And ended like this....
Yup, this is my perfect date... biking Big Bear, pizza & baseball too bad Angel's lost : (

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ReAdY tO sHrEd...

Even though shredding in SoCal means fake snow and way too many idiots sitting in the middle of the run (kinda reminds me of driving on the freeway)....
its like a frigid 80 degrees outside & I'm stoked for the season, so I figured I might as well try on my kit! : )
And yes, I will be leaving on the tags cuz I'm gangsta like that. It's just how we roll!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cross Country Snowboarding

Winter is quickly approaching, enjoy this video.

Monday, September 28, 2009

He's bringin' sexy back to school

Ohh lala ladies...I know you're jealous but he is all mine!