Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Drew,

I can't believe you will be two months old this week! You have become mommy's little side kick, playing tennis, meeting me at work for lunch and lots of cuddle time when I get home. You are such a sweet and easy going baby. You rarely cry, infact the only time you ever did was when we tried to trim your fingernails and missed! Mommy and daddy felt so bad! When you're hungry, instead of crying you just grunt. It's really funny! If you get too hungry, you start snorting like a little piggy, it makes us laugh so much! When Daddy brought you to visit me at work we weighed you on the infant scale and you were 15 pounds! I can't believe how big my little guy is getting!

The past two weeks of your life have been filled with lots of adventure. You were blessed by Daddy on December 4th. It was a special time for our family. December 3rd would have been your Papa Joe's 58th birthday, but you probably already knew that. Your aunt Shelley and I promised we would always get together on his birthday and your blessing day helped bring our family together to celebrate you both. Many people that love you so much came for your special day. Daddy, Mommy and you drove to Seattle the day before your blessing to pick up

(Uncle Tyler's house in Seattle)
Nano, Aunt Shelley, Uncle Mike and your Uncle Jeff who came all the way from Arizona just to see you. Uncle Jeff is Papa Joe's younger brother. He reminds Mommy so much of Papa Joe. Uncle Jeff was apart of your blessing circle and he even wore Papa Joe's shoes to remind us of him.
Your Aunt Beth even came from Seattle to visit and play with you! You like to call her Auntie Gaga. She even stayed for the rest of the week to take care of you while mommy went back to work. She took such good care of you & spoiled you rotten! She wrote you a song and when she sings it you smile so big! You love her so much!

Daddy's sister, Aunt Brittany and Uncle Lance came with three of your cousins Louesa, Eve and Thomas. Grandpa and Grandma Martin were there as well to give you lots of love. Daddy gave you a beautiful blessing and then we came back to our house for some yummy Mexican food and lots of desserts! We watched football and played all day together.

On December 3rd, the day before you were blessed, your Great Grandfather Shelley passed away. He was mommy's grandpa. I'm so sad you didn't get to meet him but I know you will one day. Grandpa Shelley was a tough old cowboy in his day and when you were born and he found out you were a boy he said, "oh good I got me another little roper"! Mommy wanted to be there for his funeral so you and I made the journey to Arizona together. Oh man was it an adventure! Our flight got cancelled and we were stuck at an airport and didn't make it to Mesa until 26 hours after we should have been there! Mommy was so sad and upset but you just smiled the whole time, you never even cried. Mommy was the one who did all of the crying! Everyone in the airport and the plane kept saying what a good baby you were.

In Mesa you were able to meet the rest of your cousins, Bailee, Hunter, Jalen, Jaxon and Brigham. Your cousin Brigham absolutely loves ice cream! He was eating some while you were asleep on our drive to Nano's from the airport. He told me that if you were awake you would want some and when you woke up he was going to give you a bite! Don't worry, Mommy didn't let him, but she promised he could give you a bite when you got a little bigger.

Drew, you truly are such a sweet and happy baby. You make us smile everyday. We love you so much! Happy 2 month Birthday!