Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Survived JAWS!

Yay! I didn't get eaten by any sharks this weekend during my triathlon! I was seriously so scared to do the swim in the ocean. I kept picturing my self diving though a wave straight into a sharks mouth. Shark week on the discovery channel really didn't help! The triathlon was seriously so much fun! I will never run another marathon after doing a tri. If any of yourunners are sick of the same training everyday, train for a triathlon...I highly recommend it! I trained with a friend of mine and we did the race together, it was so great to have a training partner. We made a weekend out of it and went totheSan Diego zoo after the race with our hubbies since we were fairly close by ( thanks for the annual passes Kyle & Jenny, we'll pose as you anytime). The zoo was cool, but I definately don't recommend walking around the hot zoo after any kind of strenous physical activity...I looked and felt like death. Plus the fact that I'm not a huge animal lover didn't really help my wanting to be there. I just think most of the animals at the zoo are so stinky & ugly, it's so over rated.(well to me at least) Yea, you definately will never find me rallying for P.E.T.A. Then my college roommate of all 4 glorious years at EWU, was in LA for a wedding so Andy & I got to meet up with her and her hubby! It was so fun to see her, she's is like a sister to me. I love ya Beth!