Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seriously it's almost December?!

We enjoyed a nice weekend with the whole famdamily! T'was very special to say the least : ) Some of my favorites included...

Hiking Camelback

Breakfast with almost all my girls!

visiting my fave HS seminary teacher who now teaches my cute niece! Seriously, I am forever thankful for him!
Andy's face lit up like Christmas morning when he visited G-ma's bathroom & insisted we get a pic of him "stepping into a time machine"!


Jen and Joel said...

Joel and I were just reading your blog and remembering when we hiked camelback with you when we visited AZ. That trip was so much fun. We miss you guys!

Cambrie said...

Wow-- that is quite the wallpaper.

Enjoyed your camping pictures. I've heard that Santa Barbara is a good place to camp. I love camping! bad it is so darn difficult with kids!

Paul*Anne*Cohen said...

Tell Andy I laughed out loud at his "time machine" comment. He would have loved the apt I live in once upon a time in Provo, with not one but two different colors of shag carpeting, green and the lovely orange.
PS I LOVE YOUR GUTS and cannot wait for Park City!!