Saturday, January 10, 2009

We HEART Snowboarding!

The start of a wonderful day in the Cali-for-Ni-ayy

The classic lift photo!
Anticipating the first run of the day....
Thankfully, after Tuesdays incident I went injury free today!  I thought for sure this would be the week I'd break my arm & have to go back into the Urgent care where I work and play the patient again.
Andy is much more daring than me, he's always hitting the boxes and jumps.  This pic kinda sucks, I got the very beginning of the jib....

P.S.  Andy finally got rid of that shaggy red monster that attacked his face.  After he shaved, his face was so pale and skinny & he came out wearing a tight beanie, it looked like he had cancer or something.  I'm starting to recognize him now & thankful the mountain man is gone and clean Andy has returned. But for now... this pic is in memory of what I like to call "Andy style"
Sorry hun, but I think your style is the only one that's extinct!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Bike and The Martin Luck

We will start off this post with some good news. With alot of help from my parents, I was able to get a new mountain bike. (Its the beauty pictured above.) Since I already had a mountain bike, Jen has now inherited my old bike. We had been borrowing bikes from friends so that Jen could go up mountain biking with me every once in awhile. I got my bike on Monday night, and the next day Jen was off of work and I got out of school at 2:00, so we decided to go for a ride on our very own bikes. Everything went good on the way up, but on the way down the Martin luck kicked in.

On the way down, Jen's front tire fell into a rut and it flipped her and the bike over. I was right infront of her, so I didnt see the crash, but from what I heard from the others that saw it, it was pretty amazing. After the bike got pulled off of her, she was feeling pretty dizzy and nauseas (we thought she had a concussion) and had a gnarly looking cut on her thigh. To make a long story short, we finally got her off the trail and we made our way to the hospital to get her stitched up. She hit her thigh pretty hard and when the doctor was inspecting her cut, he squeezed out alot of necrotic tissue. It looked like a really big zit being popped. She ended up with three stitches.

the picture doesnt do much justice

The reason I call it the Martin luck is that about 6 months ago I was riding the same bike Jen was riding, when I tried to get all Evil Knevil and ended up breaking my collar bone. Atleast Jen wasn't alone and had some people to help her. On a side note, throughout this entire ordeal, Jen's biggest concern was if she would be able to run the next day. She just started training to run another marathon and didn't want to be thrown off of training schedule.