Sunday, April 25, 2010

run for your life!

Running 200 miles with 11 strangers in 1 stinky van was quite the experience! Not sure what I'll remember more...waking up in my sleep screaming "grandma, grandma, grandma", with 5 girls who knew very little about me and less about my wild sleeping habits, or running alone through Santa Monica at 1am on empty streets except for the homeless bums on the sidewalk. It's amazing how fast you can run when you're scared!

We had an amazing italian dinner at Boccali's in Ojai, CA where they grow their own produce behind the restaurant! So hippie in every way and I absoloutely loved it!

Alot of teams sported some crazy costumes!

Yea definately not brave enough to sport this running attire...just picture the jiggalage! (if that's a word)

Instead I rocked this attire. Don't worry though I had a change of clothes for all three of my legs. I was a stinky mess...especially after we crashed in a park to sleep for 2 hours and a family of skunks decided to spray right next to us! Just another reason to dislike creatures.

Cynthia and I before my last leg of 7.0 miles along the PCH. Thank goodness the beach scenery was beautiful because my legs definately were ready to stop at this point!

I found this awesome "jail bird" along the way to keep pace with. She literally saved me and kept me going!

the six of us...
road in this for 200 miles without showers

and then met up with the whole crew at the finish line in Dana Point

Oh and Krystal, to answer your question, Ragnar really is as fun as everyone says it is! I highly recommend it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Azizzle fer rizzle

Our weekend was spent in Azizzle! We made the journey for quite a few special events that were taking place. My not so small nephew Hunter's ordination and Bailee's first prom! Yes, I love any excuse to go home : )

We snuck in a night of fine dining with my aunts, uncles and cousins from my daddy's side of the fam. We hit up Oregano's and then decided to stuff our belly's even more at the Sugar Bowl...mmmm! I just love my cousins! (Lexi is on the right and Krystal is on the left)

Sunday was a special day. Hunter was ordained a teacher, but it meant more to us than that. My dad was so excited for this day and expressed how much he wanted to be there months before we lost him. We truly felt a special spirit in the room. We were glad his brothers could be there to represent him.

We had lunch at Shelley's after church. It was my uncle Jeff's birthday! He is hilarious and reminds me a lot of my dad. It felt so good to be around family for the weekend!

Monday, April 5, 2010


General conference was so wonderful and fitting for Easter sunday. I felt like everything that was said was exactly what I needed to hear right now. The passing of my dad has brought a new meaning to this special time of year. I can't believe today marks eight weeks, it feels so much longer. I am so indeed greatful for the atonement and resurrection of our savior, his love and understanding for each of our own heartache and pain. My dad loved listening to conference. He would always call me excited and kindly quiz me on my favorite talks. I wrapped up in a blanket made of his t-shirts and watched. I know we watched it together. I know he was there.

On a lighter note, I think Andy and I have created a new Easter tradition. Who needs to dye eggs when you can tie-dye clothes...

my special Easter dress
The monday before Easter we had our friends Jordan & Sierra over for a little tie-dye fest! Jordan suggested I tie-dye my white coat & wear it to work April Fool's day...too bad it was my day off : (
Ladies & gents, I'm afraid I've created a monster! Andy has been tie-dying everything he can think of ever since! Don't be surprised if the next time you see us we are all decked out in tie-dye.
Last but not least I created a very amateur Easter cake...'twas delish!
Oh & I even made a cute little baseball basket for Andy (opening day game is tonight)! Even though just two days before he said, "Jen do I have to get you an Easter basket, I think we are little old for that"! At least he's learning he's suppose to ask when he needs to buy me things for example Valentine's, anniversary...the answer is YES!!! Love you babe : )