Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Last Run

We had a blast spending Andy's spring break in WA with his fam! Of course we hit up the resort several times while there to make sure we saw some fresh powder before the season was over!

Andy and his dad shreddin' the pow pow!Me and my awesome father in-law

Andy is so white, but man can he get air...beautiful!

Andy is a stud, I love watching him board!

so handsome!

aww what the heck I wanna try
First attempt....AHHHH!

it's ok i'm still alive

Well, how about one more try

Our poor brother in-law broke his clavicle on the very first run of the day! :( We hope your surgery goes well!

Seattle waterfront before heading back to LA

Andy's dad wanted to stop at an old antique shop in Seattle to look around and out front we found this little guy very interested in these magazines...I can't imagine why
p.s. it was not a porn shop!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Anyone that truly knows me is fully aware of my love for nasty skin, rashes and anything filled with pus! Derm was always my favorite topic in school and I'm pretty sure I was the only one leaning in closer to the over head screen when the professor threw up a picture of a nasty rash or abcess. When I came across the topic of epidermoid cycts I was in heaven. My friends use to tease me that they hoped one day I would get a nice and juicy one. Ever since school I have been dreaming one would walk my way! What could be better than a smelly pus filled cavity full of pressure and waiting to explode.
Finally, my dream came true! in fact it walked right into the office, I spotted it from a mile away. The size of three quarters stuck together on the side of an unfortunate soul's neck, so ripe and ready to burst with the slightest amount of pressure. I was praying it was filled with pus so I could drain it. Just to make sure, I aspirated it with a needle first and sure enough I struck gold. YAY, finally I would get my long anticpitated epidermoid cyst. I then anesthetized it and cleaned it up a bit then made my way in with the scalpel...ah heaven! Thick smelly curdy yellow fluid gushing out it was glorious, my dream had come true. The unfortunate soul kept saying 'I wish I could see your face right now because it seems like you are really enjoying this". All of my co-workers know of my fetish so they always leave the I&Ds (incise and drain) for me...I am the luckiest girl alive! If I could have any job in the world it would be to I&D abscesses all day. I know I'm totally disgusting but it absolutely excites me and makes my entire day worth while. Here is a pic that some what resembles what I saw but not nearly as fabulous.

p.s. yes, this is the extent of my excitement hence my very lame blog! I promise more to come after our fabulous trip to WA filled with family and snowboarding!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TAG: I officially have nothing to blog about!

yes, I hate tags but since beth tagged me a while ago and now bev (if i'm jen m)  i will participate!

1.  Heroes
2.  30 Rock
3.  The Office
4.  Scrubs
5.  George Lopez
6.  The Hills
7.  Today Show
8.  Diners Drive-ins & Dives

1.  drove to LA
2.  worked in LA
3.  went to REI
4.  ran 5 miles
5.  kickboxing
6.  made andy dinner
7.  watched Heroes
8.  mailed bailee's b-day present & Annie's belated card!

1.  Melinda trimming my bangs cuz I look like a 5 yr old from 1970 with a bad hair cut
2.  snowboarding in WA
3.  visiting the in-laws
4.  baseball season
5.  marathon
6.  learning to surf
7.  Carlsbad with the fam
8.  BRECK'S WEDDING & seeing everyone!

1.  Andy's kitchen
2.  Jersey's
3.  Los Altos ghetto taco shop
4.  BJ's
5.  Lucilles's
6.  Ranu
7.  Chichenitza
8.  Diddy Reese...is an ice cream shop a restaurant?

1.  Andy to get electrolysis so he can't grow beards
2.  win a house fully furnished with a Range Rover and Lexus in the garage
3.  student loan exemption
4.  adventure trip to Thailand
5.  snowboarding in the swiss alps
6.  unlimited shopping spree to nordy's
7.  to not get paged EVER!
8.  oh & I guess WORLD PEACE!

1.  Jenny (you better do it)
2.  Sierra
3.  both Ashleys
4.  Jill
5.  Elise
6.  Lindsey
7.  Michelle
8.  Anne
oh wait ahsley s i un-tag you because i just remembered your made up rule about you getting to post any pic you want of me on your blog if I tag you! haha :)