Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's your perfect date?

The other day I was asked for some "womanly advice" from a man who wanted some good date ideas for a very special lady he was trying to impress. For the average person I think I would have been able to give some good ideas but you see this man is a very high roller so I was stumped. I laughed when he asked me for some ideas and said, "I'm not your typical girl, my kind of date includes a steak and a baseball game". Yeah, that was definately not what he was looking for to impress his girl : )


Today our date started like this.....

And ended like this....
Yup, this is my perfect date... biking Big Bear, pizza & baseball too bad Angel's lost : (


TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

that scenery looks beautiful!!and so did the pizza. You are a lucky girl.

Ashley said...

Mine is something similar, which I think you'd also enjoy: perfect fresh powder snow, a hard half day of snowboarding followed by 7-11 hot chocolate, a shower, pajamas, no makeup, pizza and a rented movie whilst cuddling next to a roaring fire...preferably at a mountainside cabin, but I don't want to be too particular.

Randee said...

I love how out doorsie you guys are!!
Thanks for your compliments about my pictures! I have the canon rebel xti.
I use the 50 mm 1.8 lens.
Um my perfect date would be playing on the beach all day and then going somewhere romantic to eat and watch the sun set.