Thursday, May 28, 2009

San Diego Conference

  I was lucky enough to spend 6 days in San Diego for a PA conference this past week & it was wonderful! What could be better than an all expense paid trip by work that included a little learning and a lot of playing!!!  Andy was able to come over and join me for the weekend but had to make it back for finals this week, probably a good thing he left or I wouldn't have been as motivated to go to as many courses.  Seriously why do they put continuing medical education conferences in the most beautiful sunny enjoyable places???? Here is a few highlights of the "fun stuff" we managed to fit in between classes.
What trip would be complete without a baseball game?  PETCO park was totally awesome!!!

does this or does this not sum up Andy's love for baseball!  I love how he's the only adult near the kids!!  Wait, that sounds kinda creepy!
Causing trouble at Hotel Del

Meeting up with good friends and my former classmates whom I spent more time with than Andy during our first year of marriage!! NO JOKE!!!

Um EATING duh!  There were so many unique and delish restaurants I have never heard of before in downtown.  This place was featured on Diner's Drive Inn's & Dives on FoodNetwork so Andy insisted.  Ostrich and Alligator burgers really just aren't my thing though

Tioli's Crazee Burger

Dick's Last Resort
My FAVORITE things about the week
1.  morning runs around the harbor
2.  walking everywhere!  I hate walking places at home but in SD I could walk all day long!
3.  LEARNING, oh so much learning!
4.  meeting up with old classmates and professors who are now my colleagues...WEIRD!  I still feel like I'm a kid
5.  king size bed to my self for a few nights!!

the weather was beautiful, the classes were great, the break was I'm ready to get back to the grind!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello,  my name is Jen, I'm 25 years old and I scream, cry, laugh, curse and fall out of the bed in my sleep!  A few nights ago I was just about to fall peacefully sound asleep when I had one of those weird dreams right before drifting off that a cockroach was on me.  SICK!!!  So of course, I jumped in my sleep and fell out of my bed that is raised pretty high above the ground and landed on my broken wrist!  Yes, that would be the one I'm not suppose to lift anything with or put any pressure on for 4-6 more weeks to make sure it heals.  Keep in mind I have no cast or protection whatsoever.  I've never craughed (cried and laughed) so hard before in my life.  It hurt like no other but was absolutely hilarious lying on the floor hearing Andy jump out of bed panicked as he heard a very large crash against our oscillation fan and me hitting the floor yelling in pain.  To say the least I went to work the next day with a huge, sore, swollen hand that they made me get x-rays on in fear I got another fracture opposite of the one still trying to heal.  Luckily so far so good.  Hmm how would it sound to the surgeon, "yea so I fell out of my bed and looks like I'm going to need another surgery"...RETARD!  Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with me, am I really still 5 years old? At least this  time Andy didn't have to shake me to death before I made a bee-line out the front door screaming in my sleep since the impact woke me up, but that's a whole other story.  Needless to say,  we are purchasing guard rails for the bed this weekend and I will now be wearing protective gear while sleeping...ONLY ME!