Friday, May 30, 2008

Growing a beard

About 10 days of growth

Some people, my wife included, ask me the question, Why are you growing a beard? I respond to this question by posing another question. Why not grow a beard? Really, why not grow a beard? Not everyone has been geneticaly gifted with enough facial hair to grow a full beard. I feel that if you are one of the gifted few, you should take advantage of this gift and grow out your beard at least once, if not more, during your life. Now I am in no way saying that I grow a perfect beard, I have light brown hair, yet my beard grows in red with a somewhat blonde mustache, but i have been gifted with the ability to grow a full beard and several times I have taken advantage of this gift. The main reason that I am currently developing my talent for growing a beard is because a little over a week ago I broke my right clavicle and it was a too painfull at first to shave. Now that the beard has started to grow, who am I to deny myself and those around me of the delight that comes from beards. With Jen's graduation coming up in a few weeks, she is already trying to get me to shave, we will have to see what happens.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I had to be at the hospital at 7 this morning for grand rounds and a lecture on clavicle and humeral fractures. Afterwards I was scheduled to be in surgery for the rest of the day. It was awesome! I started out being the waterskier...aka holding onto a 350 lb man's leg and leaning back and pulling as hard as you can like you're water skiing. Sounds easy right? Not when the surgery last 5 hrs and you have demanding orthopedic surgeons telling you to pull harder when your arms and wrists ache and have gone numb. The second surgery was the best, I got to be first assist and the doc needed to manipulate the guy's tibia (shin) that was fractured back into the right place for pinning. So he handed me the drill and hammer and let me go to town. My first thought was does this guy know I have no idea what I'm doing, but then when I started drilling I thought "who cares this is awesome, I'm drilling a huge rood into some guy's leg". After I got out of surgery I call Andy to see where he's at. He tells me he's at urgent care and he thinks he broke his clavicle. Yeah right I thought, he's such a liar, how did he know I learned all about that this morning and now he's trying to scare me. Well, it was definately no joke, he was mountainbiking, and crashed going off of a jump. Then he had to walk his bike three miles before he could get any cell phone service to call for help. His clavicle (collar bone) is split in half with a 3rd fragment hanging in the air. Next stop, orthopedics! I'm so glad he doesn't have insurance the bill is going to be awesome! No but really, we're just glad that's all that happened. Thanks for everyone that helped him out, I really appreciate it!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


So after our date night last night with you ladies I was convinced to keep our blog and give it another try! I mean really if I quit I'd be missing out on all of your fun lives that I love being updated on. So I'll try to keep this up and decrease the angry political rants which are really no fun anyways.

Andy: very deep in thought staring down at the field says "Jen..."
Me: "yeah", thinking he was going to tell me something really interesting
Andy: "I love the Angels"
That pretty much sums up our life during baseball season!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Last Blog & sort of a political rant!

So this is it, farewell blogger friends. I've decided to write one last update and then exit the blogging world. You see, our lives are rather boring and imperfect & I don't have much to say. Most of the time when I think I should get on here and blog I just feel like venting about my insignificant problems, worries, and lame life. I really don't want to be a negative nancy, but lets get real here our life is rather boring!
No just kidding, blogging has been fun but we don't have kids or animals to talk about, just ourselves and really how interesting is that? We have no cute quotes to write down that our kids said, just lame medical facts and statistics I may have learned that day. I guess maybe I could start talking about some of my very crazy yet interesting patients that I saw that day and how I actually volunteered to pop a ladies black heads because they were so revolting (no friends I can't bill for that, I did it free of charge), but that could possibly be violating HIPPA and I would rather not risk my professional license! Or wait, I could go on and on how stupid I think the majority of Americans are and if we stopped giving everything to people and they had to fend for themselves for once they might just go and find a job or a way to survive on their own and actually become self sufficient. They all want handouts, free health care, free food and free formula for their eight children from six different daddy's, and soon they'll need free gas because they deserve it...they're American. Answer this, why do we feel sorry for stupid people who buy things they really can't afford and expect to be bailed out? Fine be me, maybe now that housing prices have dropped thanks to those imbasols, Andy and I may actually be able to afford one. Better yet I could talk about how I have recently come to the conclusion that Democrats might as well be communists and Rosie O'donnell is the stupidest human being alive. No, come to think of it that conclusion didn't come recently, I have known the latter for a very long time. Maybe you don't agree with me, maybe you think I'm a racist, insensitive person who really doesn't understand anything and makes many grammatical errors when she writes. Well, maybe I am but that's okay I like myself this way!
So that's a wrap! In the next few months Andy will start the physical therapy program and I'll have a nervous breakdown asking him constantly if he's mad at me because I've never really seen him stressed before. I will most likely be crying on a daily basis because I will think I have no time to do anything else than study for boards. Then once that's over with and I actually have a little R&R I'll complain about how bored I am because I don't know how to just sit still and enjoy the moment. Oh, and most likely we'll fit a few Angels games in the mix because I'm not sure what Andy would do without baseball. FAREWELL FRIENDS, SEE YOU ROUND, BETTER YET GIVE ME A CALL! Love, Jen Martin aka jenjolley

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Check This Out

This guy does a backflip into his jeans, check it out.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Husband Invades Blog!

Sorry to any of you who may have read the blog about bikes earlier today.  Andy wrote it thinking he was quite funny and sarcastic!  I read it and deleted it immediately!  THE END!