Saturday, November 13, 2010

only in San Francisco...

I learned a few things while traveling to what people call"the city" by myself this past week...

1. it's totally normal to dine alone in a cafe or any restaurant for that matter

2. giving the "runners wave" to other joggers will only get you weird looks, not a smile

3. panhandelers make more money than I do

4. obesity is not as epidemic since everyone walks to consume their dinner

5. forget about the treadmill, walking the San Francisco hills is much more intense

6. water, what's that? coffee is the #1 source of hydration, or in my case, diet coke

7. talking to old men on buses isn't strange, it's fascinating

8. walking around wearing a bulky Garmin watch to track how many miles you've walked is not the least bit cool. In fact when it beeps at every mile marker people give you a look of disgust : )

9. always carry something sharp in your pocket in case someone tries to mess with you

10. oh & even more importantly, always carry your Rainbows in your purse incase your feet start to hurt

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Andy's birthday spook-tacular!

Somehow the birthday boy managed what I'd call more of a birthday weekend, that started with camping and rock climbing in Joshua Tree with good friends!
Spider man & his wifey even paid us a visit!
Sierra, Me & Kiersten
Please note, I did not participate in bouldering i.e. climbing rocks without ropes or equipment and relying on people below to catch you if you fall...I chose life instead of death! Although I do have to admit these other peeps were pretty impressive!
The birthday boy also managed a costume party in between all his fun. I was obviously a hippie and totally rocked my costume to the ghetto to pick up some rice & beans for the party. In front of the restaurant was a homeless druggie looking man sitting in a wheel-chair missing his left leg and when he saw me he got a ginormous smile on his face and yelled "yea man 1972 man"! Guess I dressed the part well!
I promise this is a costume, however all of it did come from his closet! Andy takes dressing up very seriously & has been growing that hairy monster on his face since September...he even got the creepy prospector face down. Let's just say this night gave me a glimpse into my future and I'm rather worried!
We ended his day in the studio audience of the Leno show with Janet Jackson & our favorite guy from modern family! Happy 28th, hope it was a good one with many more to come.