Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good times!

Andy & I made a very quick trip to AZ after I got off work Christmas Eve to spend the holiday with my fam.  Sorry, didn't manage to take many pics except for one of my 2 favorite little guys Jaxon & BrigDid I mention Andy had a blast on Jalen's "mini Vespa"! 
 Having nieces and nephews for Christmas are so fun cause you get to play with all their toys!  I can't wait til we have our own, Andy & I will probably just  buy them the stuff we really just want so we can play with it after they're asleep.  

The last  outing  before leaving AZ was to Joe's Farm Grill, which was featured on Food Network Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives (Andy's favorite food show), so we had to make a stop for an early b-day  dinner with the fam before heading back to Cali.  It was amazing  and greasy and worth every calorie...I highly recommend it!
 My sweet grandma who isn't in the best of health right now made me feel extremely special by surprising me with her delicious home made ice cream before we left for an early birthday treat!  
I had a wonderful birthday!  Thanks to everyone for remembering me, you are so thoughtful.  it was a great day, I got off work early unexpectedly, Andy made me a deicious dinner and gave me some very thoughtful gifts.  Between Chrismas and my birthday the best present ever was this awesome pink knife!  Andy asked me a few months ago if I'd ever want a knife and I was so excited for one but told him it had to be either pink or sparkly so I would feel girly and rugged at the same time!  Who needs diamonds when you've got a sparkly knife!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

time for an update!

Oh man, this really is the only picture I have taken of us in the past 6 weeks...sad:(  Life is busy as I'm sure you all know!  Andy finished up finals, freakin beat the crap out of 'em all and now is working on growing a very thick beard for his hiking/survival trip he's planning.  I guess he thinks it will keep him warm or something.  That pic of his beard was at the start, you should see it now he's beginning to resemble Les Stroudde.   Oh and inbetween tending to his beard garden he's been snowboarding since Cali actually has some other than the man made crap they make every year.
I've just been working,  that's pretty much it.  Oh and crying because we didn't have any Christmas decorations so I bought some ugly one foot tall tree and set it on top of a  a t.v. tray, then bought some $1 ornaments and strung them and duck taped them outside.  Its pretty ghetto fabulous, wish you could see.  If you drive by I'm sure you can see the duck tape from the street, it shimmers in the moonlight.  By the way, did I mention I love my job even if it means me sitting on someone's bedside camode once in a while!

Hope you all have a Holly JenJolley Christmas!  This is the time of year when I actually miss my old last name!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Totally Blog Worthy!

I've decided I am going to write a book entitled, "Things you shouldn't do on the job",  thanks to my life experiences and lessons I've learned...
#1.  Don't ever sit on a chair unless you know its not someone's bed side camode! at work I went into my patient's room to discuss a few things with them.  Another specialist was already in the room and we were all talking.  Everyone was sitting down but me, so I felt awkward standing over them.  I saw a white plastic chair sitting next to the bed and sat on it to be eye level with everyone else.  The "chair" felt a little different then the typical chair and definately didn't have much bootie support, something was definately missing.  Oddly enough, the seat was covered with a towel.  Finally, when I and the Dr. were leaving the room we kind of stopped in the entry way to say a few more things to the patient.  I took one last look at the "chair" and realized it had an odd bucket attached underneath it.  Yup, that seat I had been sitting on was definately my patient's bedside camode!  I immediately just started laughing out loud, this would only to happen to me.  Now I know why the patient kinda gave me a few strange glances when I pulled out the chair to sit down, I was sitting in the very spot they do their business.  AWESOME!  Way to make a good impression!  To make matters worse, being the nerd I am, the stupid book in my jacket pocket got stuck on the chair/camode arm when I was getting up and the Dr. tried to help pull me up!  OMG I am such a retard!  Why do these things happen to me?  Andy is right, I have no common sense.  Sure enough this resembles my "chair" minus the white towel over the seat!  Would anyone else mistake it for something other than a toilet but me?  I THINK NOT!