Sunday, March 30, 2008


SO I am officially BORED & miss my husband!  Since he's not here & I can't wait til he gets home I've resorted to blogging about him.  The little rascal jetted off to Washington for his spring break to visit his family & snowboard with his dad.  I must admit, the first 2 nights he was gone I really enjoyed having our bed all to my self!  I was actually feeling a little bit guilty about enjoying it!  

1.  He is an avid BBQer.  My idea of me making
 dinner is getting some meat & veggies out of the fridge & asking Andy to BBQ them!

2.  He makes me home made cards.  Probably because he refuses to pay $5 for a Hallmark card, but I'd like to think it's because he's very thoughtful.

3.  He loves the snow & lives to snowboard.  He picked it up after he got home from his mission
 & you'd think he'd been doing it forever.

4.  He always has to be growing something,  either a beard or shaggy hair.  Never together, always seperate.    He can't just ever be clean cut or shaven.  His beard makes me laugh because 
it grows out red with a blonde stripe down the middle & if he wears a plaid shirt he looks like a lumberjack!  He loves to make me crazy!

5.  He loves wakeboarding too!  Basically, if you can't tell he loves doing anything outdoors... he is quite the adventurer.  He is always up for having some fun!  His ideal place to live is an hour from the mountain and a lake right next door.  

Well, now that I sound like a desperate housewife who can't live without her man... it's true, I guess can't!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


On Friday Andy & I drove out to Vegas to meet my dad's fiance and her family.  We had a lot of fun, especially since it was our first time in SIN City & we loved every minute!  Friday night we ate at Maggiano's, a delicious family style Italian restaurant.  Afterwards Andy & I walked the strip & watched the fountain show in front of the Bellagio, walked by all the expensive shops because there is really no need to go in when you can't buy, & then toured the M&M headquarters which Andy thought was very lame but I kinda liked it!  Saturday we ate a buffet breakfast...because really who goes to Vegas without eating at a buffet, went to some shark aquarium & went shopping.  Saturday night my dad surprised us all with Cirque de Soleil tickets at the MGM Grand.  It was really cool, I just kept hoping one of the crazy acrobats would fall down so I could see what they would do in an emergency situation...yes a little sick & twisted I know!   I didn't want to see anyone die, just a little blood!  Guess I shoulda gone to the boxing match instead.  Andy likes this show on the Food Network called Diners, Drive Inns, & Dives and he saw an episode featuring Mad Greek Cafe in the butt hole of Baker, CA.  So on our way home we stopped & had a Gyrro and the most amazing strawberry shake I've ever had.  Andy & I were going to split it but after I sat down & drank ours for us Andy ordered him self another delicious flavor PB& I helped him with that one too & I was very sad when it was all gone.  What can I say, guess the diet starts Monday!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Andy has been waiting for this year's baseball season to start since the Angel's last home game in September!  He bought spring training tickets the day they went on sale.  I didn't mind a bit since it would give me a chance to visit family & friends!  We had a great time with them!  My favorite was my girl's night!  My friends get together for a girls night once a month & I am always so jealous when I find out they are having fun without me.  We took our nephew Hunter to the Angels vs Cubs game for an early birthday present, he loved it.  Oh, I can;t forget...Angels 6, Cubs 2.  GO ANGELS!
Andy, Hunter & Me in front of Angels Stadium

Sorry I didn't get one of all of us girls!  But at least we got one with Nixon!

P.S.  "I like salad" (Benchwarmers movie)
This is what Andy calls a jensalad!  
Yes, I'm officially a fatty, I can finish it by my self & I know 
I look terrible but it was a long drive!