Monday, March 29, 2010


For the last weekend of Andy's spring break we decided to take our party to the beach and camp in San Clemente. It was a lot of fun, but we definatley didn't take enough pics to capture San Clemente & all of its awesomeness. Two days before this trip we boarded at Mt. Baldy...we love this place! I know some of you may wonder if I actually work or if Andy really is in grad school, but I promise we both are! I actually have two jobs and one is full-time I swear. I just believe that play time is just or even more important than work. Wow, I can't believe I just said that... Andy really has changed me!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a new understanding

I have a new understanding for people who are dealing with tragedy in their lives. A new understanding for people who have lost their parents, children and loved ones. I have a new understanding, a new kind of compassion for people who feel this pain. I have a new understanding for my friends who have lost parents and siblings before I. There has not been a day gone by that I don't cry and ache. I have given more hugs to strangers and held patient's hands to tell them that everything will be ok and I'm sorry for their own pain.

Today a patient came in named Joseph, just like my daddy. He was aching and sad. His mother died unexpectedly yesterday. I hugged him. I cried with him. My heart aches for him.

Sometimes I don't feel like pretending, so I don't. Sometimes I may seem weird and standoffish, it's because I am. I don't like to pretend. Well, now this blog sounds like a weird emo chick...maybe I am.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mr. Banana Grabber

I really enjoy the show Arrested Development, and when I first found out that Jen and I would be moving to Southern California I got really excited because I realized that I would be living pretty close to Balboa Island and could eat a famous frozen banana. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show click here. So we have lived here for 4 years now and have been to Newport Beach probably close to 58 times, but have yet to get frozen bananas. This all changed this weekend when I demanded that we waste not another day without having eaten a frozen banana. Luckily there was no sign of Mr. Banana Grabber.
We couldn't find the Bluth Original Frozen Banana stand, so we had to settle with Dad's.
The frozen banana in all of it's glory.

Random photo on Balboa Island.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

I hope you sang the title of the post instead of simply reading it : ) My oldest niece turned the big one-six today!!! Her dad said she can't date 'til she's thirty-five, however that didn't last long...she's already booked the next two weekends! Poor dad, his baby is growin' up! I heart this beauty

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Send me and Angel

This is an edit that my buddy made. The end is the best part, if you dont count the song.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


With all that has been going on lately, Jen and I both needed a little getaway. We debated whether we should go or not but since we had been planning on making this trip to Mammoth for a couple months now we went. A couple of weeks ago was Combined Sectional Meetings for the APTA in San Diego, so i got the last half of the week off from school so I could attend the meetings. Instead Jen and I went up to Mammoth with a few of my classmates. It was alot of fun and we really enjoyed the bigger mountian and all of the terrian. These Southern California resorts just are not cutting it anymore. There are alot of pictures, so enjoy.

The Crew (Left to Right; Bjorn, Sebastian, Brad, Andy, Aaron, Jen, Ciara, Aarons BOL)

Some of the DPT class of 2011 (Andy, Sebastian, Brad, Bjorn, and Aaron)

Sebastian, Josh, Bjorn, and Andy

We found a cool Igloo.

More fun than Jen can handle.

Hiking back inbounds after hours of fun on the booter we built.

Isn't Mammoth Beautiful?