Tuesday, April 21, 2009


     Pre-Op excitement!  
The nurse had a good laugh when she asked how I got here and if my ride was waiting in the lobby for me and I said, "no, I walked"
THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS...they must have worked because surgery went great!  I feel so blessed to be working at Loma Linda & times like this even makes me more grateful.  What other hospital would your co-workers & physicians come to pray with you in pre-op?  It was really comforting especially since Andy couldn't be there.  By the way he's been amazing despite having 5 tests this week; running home between class to cook, stay on top of the dishes (keep in mind we have no dishwasher), learning to do ponytails, tie my shoes & keeping me laughing about all this : )

Now the big question??? Would you run a full marathon 4 days after wrist surgery?  I still have 2 legs & 1 perfect arm!  The surgeon didn't oppose, however I am still at risk of non-union and avascular necrosis & I only get 1 left wrist!  I was 100% sure I would do it before surgery but now I'm 50/50.  I'm not an elite runner obviously, I simply do it because I like pushing myself beyond what I think I can handle & I love the mental side of marathons.  Plus I'm on some good drugs so I may not even feel leg pain either! haha  I just don't want something bad to happen in the future because I didn't allow myself to recover properly...been there done that!

So....tell me what would you do?

Post-Op anesthesia not quite worn off...very attractive!  honestly I thought I was smiling! : )

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well... not really cuz he doesnt falloff his skateboard, brakes his scaphoid (wrist) like retard me!  yes i'm typing like a 5 yr old with my index finger right now!  saturday andy woke me up from a glorious afternoon nap,  the kind where you drool all over your arm type of nap,  so we could go long boarding.  he just got a new mini longboard & thought his old one would be perfect for me to hone my skills on...bad idea #1!  needless to say i got going faster than i was comfortable with, tried to bail off and didn't keep running after i landed and tried to break my fall with my left hand...the ground won!  i once again went into my work as a patient (i never use to get hurt until i married andy).  sure enough i broke the worst possible bone to break in the wrist because there is limited blood supply and a high rate of non-union (never healing).  i paged the orthopedist i refer alot of my patients to & he squeezed me into his schedule today to have a look at it.  i need surgery because mine is so displaced so he is operating tomorrow morning!  crazy, but the best part is he said i could run the marathon saturday since there will be a screw & cast to hold it in place.  that is going to be one smelly cast...i sweat like SHREK!  you may want to stay away for the next 6 weeks!  SO WHAT DO U THINK...PINK OR PURPLE CAST, which is more profesh (haha)????  decisions, decisions!  QUICK I'VE ONLY GOT 12HRS TO DECIDE!!!
p.s. i dont mind walking home from the OR but they mite not let me cuz of the anesthesia...anyone wanna pick me up? andy has 2 tests tomorrow afternoon & doesn't know when he'll be done haha crazy drugged up girl walkin the streets of loma linda!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Awww You Shouldn't Have!

My husband is the most amazing and wonderful creature alive!  Every Wednesday he rushes home from school and brings me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a present for me!  I always have to take a picture of myself with the surprise immediately after, plus I looked pretty dang cute, but then again when do I not? DUH : )

SICK...NOT!  Ok back to reality, I bought them for myself before this little incident cuz I thought I deserve it (and they're pretty and springy!)  I was having such a fabulous day off work;  I met Anne and her precious Cohen for lunch in Palm Springs and then did a little shopping at TJ's.  I was in the parking lot backing up my car and some dumb lady on her cell phone totally not paying attention decides to back into me.  I guess that's what I get for doing my grocery shopping at a hippie joint.  I totally laid on my horn to try and  get her attention but no she just kept jabbering!  So I get outta the car to see the damage (nothing too bad just a small scratch on my 1998 buggy so I didn't really care all that much) but she continues to sit in her car and yells out the window, "I did not hit you".  Oh yeah this maroon paint on my black car just happens to match your SUV perfectly.  She then proceeds to tell me, "I have 4 witnesses in my car".  Oh by the way they were all under the age of 5 and in car seats!  I said, " yeah you have no idea you backed into me because you were on your cell phone"! She finally got out of her car, sees the paint and continues to deny it...still no apology, that's all I really wanted.  Finally I just looked at her and said, "WHATEV, I don't even want to deal with this right now".  After all I was having a great day and didnt want her to ruin it!  Finally she half heartedly apologizes by saying, "you're right, I shouldn't have been on my cell phone".  No kidding, it is a law here now and if you aren't going to obey you should at least try to master the skill like myself with the stick shift in the right hand, cell in the left, fountain drink between the legs...yeah not so sure where the steering wheel fits in but it works right!  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tis the season!

The most wonderful time of year is back (according to Andy), so we had to hit this place up, in memory of this young man.  How sad, life really is so precious and can be taken away from us at the blink of an eye.  One minute your living your dream, the next your life on this earth is over.
I'm just glad my husband likes to watch sports, that was always a concern of mine when dating I was afraid I'd have to be the man of the house.  No books for our kids, just sports!  (i am totally kidding by the way...sorta : )

On a lighter note I found a new way to trick andy into mopping all of our floors.  I really didnt want to clean today since I was up at the crack of dawn pretending I'm a runner and then rounding at the hospital so... I flooded our house for the 5th time in the past year!  Yea I never learn my lesson...Andy says, "JEN QUIT THROWING SPONGES IN THE UTILITY SINK".  Its not my fault I clean so much (yea right).  You see our ghetto washer is connected to the utility sink so every time I do laundry all the water drains into the sink, but not very well when its clogged with a sponge or a towel.  Plus it always stirs a good argument, I mean really who is happy when your house looks like a kiddie pool and your pretend studying/watching baseball is interrupted for a towel ringing fest!  Marriage would be boring without a good fight (If you and your spouse never argue YOU ARE BORING & so lame!)  Well that's just my opinion I guess.  Oh well at least I got my floors mopped with Andy's help.  Hee hee...I'm so tricky!

p.s. wow I just figured out how to make word colorful!  HOW FUN! oh & Boston Red Sox SUCK!  HAPPY EASTER!  I hope you all indulge in cadburry crunchy chocolate colorful way better than m&ms eggie thingys cause those are the BESTEST!