Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back To My Roots!

Ok... I know it's darker than my natural roots but I was due for my two year  color change and needed something way different!  I told my mom I was so sick of the blonde & to get me something in the mail quick so she sent this.  I was going to put it on my self but my mom was a little concerned I'd mess it up, so my friend cut & colored it for me.   Thanks Melinda I love it! Also, thanks for always knowing what I want mom (hopefully Shelley will help you get on the internet so you can see it:)

Finally, after nearly a 2 year hiatus I started playing tennis again this week.  Tennis has been a part of my life since I was 9 & I spent nearly everyday on the court since I was 15.  Then I went to PA school and it was all over.  It was like I had gone through a major break up in a serious relationship.  No really, you might laugh and think I'm a weirdo who's is in love with her tennis racquet,  well I was and I still am and we've reunited!  There once was a time my day wasn't complete without swinging the racquet. Well its back & I can't wait to start tearing it up in the old lady leagues!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Funny how both V.P. candidates said they do not recognize gay marriage as a civil union & today on Ellen (yes I have lots of time on my hands) Senator Biden said if he was a California resident he would vote no on PROP 8.  This just goes to show politicians tell you what you want to hear and celebrities have more influence on people than anyone else which is so sad since most of them are idiots.  PROP 8 is not about taking away gay rights, its about restoring the definition of marriage which is defined in the US Constitution as only between a man & a woman.  If PROP 8 does not pass, gay marriage will be required to be taught in the schools, gay couples will be able to sue churches for not performing their marriage etc.  VOTE YES on PROP 8 to restore the definition of marriage,  keep church and state separate and protect marriage and families.   Gays have the right to their private lives but not to change the defintion of marriage for the rest of us.  For more information on PROP 8 visit

P.S. My love for Ellen & Oprah has totally diminished.  I feel like they use their celebrity power to influence people and these people take their word as if it were from God himself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Wow, 2 blogs in two days...I'm on a roll!  SO I need to confess something.  When Andy & I got home from church there was a package in the mail (yes we get mail on Sunday because we live in a community that believes the sabbath to be Saturday) any ways it was Andy's birthday jeans I bought from my sister.  Yes, his birthday is not until Nov 1 but I just love giving presents and I can't ever wait to give them until they are actually suppose to be given so I showed him.  I just get so excited!  Seriously, I don't know how I'm ever going to keep any christmas presents for my kids around the house.  I am terrible, my friend and I have told each other what we're giving each other for our birthdays and Christmas presents for the past 12 years.  I need help!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkinman TRI

I tricked Andy into going to Las Vegas this weekend so I could do the Pumpkinman.  We camped at Boulder Beach where the tri started instead of staying in a hotel.  It saved money and was way more fun being so rugged and granolaish in the woods.  Andy has turned me into a mountain woman!  Not really,  I'm just way more rugged than I use to be since we got married. Afterall,  my husbands dream is to live in a cave in Alaska and wear flannel shirts & grow a big shaggy beard.  How can he not rub off on me! 
The race was a lot of fun, but definately way harder than the sprint I did a while back.  A few weeks ago I had the option of switching races & I wanted to change to the sprint but Andy said if we were driving all the way to Vegas I had to do the full.  Go hard or go home right?  I about died on the bike portion and when I got to the transition area from bike to run Andy was nearby and I asked him "do I really have to run now ?"  I was so not looking forward to it after the bike felt like it was 99% uphill, my legs were jell-o!  I probably should have trained more, oh well. 

This is a pic of all the "weenies" in their wet suits.  I'm the one hiding wearing the tank and super hot spandex.  Basically, I can't afford a wet suit so I pretend that only weenies wear them to make myself feel super tough.

Anyways, I finished  & was glad I didn't chicken out and switch to the sprint distance.  In fact, I got home & found a full Ironman in northern Cali this coming summer that I am going to do so if anyone would like to join me I'd love a training buddy.  It's only 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run :)  Hey, you only live once right?  My philosophy is that if you're gonna die you might as well do it having fun.  

P.S.  I would like to add that I am very sad my Angel's lost in the first round to the stupid Red Sox.  I actually shed a tear after game 4 when they were officially knocked out.  I always pretend not to like them as much as Andy  but secretly I LOVE THEM!  Goodbye Reggie, until next season,  2009!