Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friends and Dreaming of Snow


Im dreaming of this white stuff

Post by Andy

Friday, November 21, 2008

Econominics 101: in loving memory of Ben

Yes economonics is what I called my economy class in undergrad!  I swear I graduated with honors!

Flashback with me to 2001 when gas prices started rising.....

my mom:  oh my gosh, gas is getting so expensive!  I need to get a smaller car!
me:  oh mom don't worry, just keep putting 5 dollars in like you do every time you go to the gas station!  It's the exact same thing!

Fast forward to, well today....

Me:  look Andy gas is so cheap, this is awesome!
Andy: uh Jen deflation is not a good thing.  Everything you own is losing value and is worth less than you paid.  Wages start going down but those student loans of yours continue to increase with the awesome interest rate, its not good.
Me: oh yeah that sucks

and just last April I was getting ready doing my make-up listening to the morning news talking about the possible recession and looked at Andy & said, "recessions don't affect me"!  He laughed the very next day when our student loan company went under due to the "econominy"

I think this must be why I went into health care because I know nothing about economonics :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music makes us happy!

In addition to learning survival skills, Andy has taught me to have a greater appreciation for music of all sorts. He has especially taught me that most of the music on the radio is crap and the only reason they are even on the radio is because of the way they look not because they can sing? Pretty valid right? We went to a concert friday night in Hollywood at the Music Box to see Zach Gill and Mason Jennings who are both on Jack Js record label. So if you like Mr. Johnson, you will love these two! I am in love with not only Zach Gill's singing voice but especially his normal speaking voice....its amazing! Jack, Zach, Mason & Rogue Wave just released a Christmas album & its my new favorite holiday season cd :) check out the clips below for some fabulous music.

Zach Gill: yes he is playing the accordian! You really aren't a muscian unless you can also play the yucaleilei(however you spell it) and the drums & piano at the same time which he did! This is the cutest funniest love song I love it!

Mason Jennings: sorry the video turns to the side in the middle but the tune is still good & funny... a little tribute to Christians and Buddha

Then Saturday we took advantage of the sunny California not so almost winter weather & took a hike! It was beautiful! How can I complain when we can do this in November, however, it would be nice to have to wear a coat!

(a random abandoned cabin along the way, Andy wishes we lived there)

(a beautiful view of the wilderness Andy plans on getting lost in)

P.S. Grizzly Adams preparing for winter survival...not sure he will be able to do so with out his electronic toys. We'll see how he survives without his precious computer in the woods :) (if you don't get it, read the post below)

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Mountain Man

As most of you know, Andy loves the outdoors.  I never really thought it would be a problem in our marriage until recently though.  In fact he has taught me a lot & helped me try new fun adventurous activities, like sleeping in a tent instead of a cabin, even in the rain.  Definately a big step for me, but now I think it's gone a bit too far.

You see, I have noticed over the past few months Andy has been really into survival movies, books, documentaries, etc.  This week he started reading this....

(I kinda think the guy on the cover might resemble Andy a bit, especially since he loves bandanas and beards)

Then, today he met me at work to sign some insurance papers.  He rolled into the office on his long board of course sporting his new hippie hair and shaggy beard and looked at me with a very serious expression and said, "Jen, I've decided my new goal is eventually get my self lost in the wilderness, be smart enough to survive, and then write a book about it".  What in the....all I could do was stare at him.  When he told me he had a new goal I thought he was going to say run more or enter a mtn biking race or something like that.  All I could say is that I was glad I went to school and got a job so I could provide for my self since my husband plans on getting lost in the wilderness.  Funniest part is he is absolutely not joking at all!

Can I please move in with one of you when he gets lost so I don't get lonely?  Who knows how long he'll be gone and I don't plan on joining the search and rescue team since it his goal not to be found & survive on his own... I would never want to ruin his dream :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Day!

Well, today was my first day at my new full-time job!  I have been doing some temp work while waiting to start...credentialing at hospitals takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  So anywho, Andrew took a few pics of me before I left this morning.  Here I am in my official white coat...no more student coats YAY!

Oh & don't worry, I will be wearing the usual frumpy coat in style since I got a BabyPhat one!  Of course I want to at least look fashionable in something so ugly, I'm 24 NOT 50!
(don't worry, this brightness isn't visible... this would be the inside of my jacket pocket)

and now onto more important things!.....CRAFTS!

here are a few of the holiday crafts I have been making in my spare time!  I would never consider my self a crafty person but this is fun!  I grew up watching my mom create and make things all the time & now I think I got bit by the bug :)

a fall wreath for the door

a center piece for our table
(the hurricane says Give Thanks in vinyl lettering, it's kinda dark)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

PROP 8 Protestors

I just turned on the news and saw a large group of people protesting PROP 8 outside the LA Temple.  One lady was talking, I mean yelling that the reason it passed is because the Mormon church donated money to the campaign.  No, to be correct people from all different religious backgrounds and beliefs donated their time and commitment and money to an issue they believe in.  Since when is it bad to invest time/money/work into something you believe in?  There were obviously people who supported NO on PROP 8 who donated their money and time as well. Funny how they try to find someone to blame for not "winning".  Maybe they should take into consideration the rest of the state of California who voted YES...maybe there are still some people with values in this liberal state.  All those who voted YES were definately not LDS.

P.S.  We all knew Obama would win right?  Of course I didn't vote for him...I think he's a socialist not a democrat.  How could you blame me, I am the daughter of Rush Limbaugh's number one fan.  To be completely honest, I'm not really upset about it.  I'm not gonna lie, I enjoy listening to his eloquent and empowering speeches..."YES WE CAN", its so inspiring.  Let's not forget his celebrity style good looks.  Isn't that what we all need, a celebrity for the President of our country?  Sounds good to me, we already hang onto Hollywood's every word, action, and latest fashion trend however rediculous it may be.  Really, I think Obama is representing the majority of the American people quite well.  Congratulations President, I support you in the very difficult task that lays before you.  Just do me one favor...focus on the economic slump and keep your socialist ideas out of health care.  SI SE PUEDE!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos Andres!

Andy's birthday weekend started with camping at the beach 
in Santa Barbara & roasting marshmallows 
around the fire with Kyle & Jenny
A surprise dinner at CPK with some of his classmates that didn't 
turn out to be a surprise afterall thanks to one of them :)!

an Angel's baseball cake made especially by me!  
It was so fun to make, I couldn't wait for him to see it!
I love how he looks like a little boy with his 
baseball cake in the pic above!  
(yes, those are chocolate dipped oreos, aren't I creative?)

& his birthday night ended with a little Guitar Hero battle!