Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our new little addition

Haha, you thought I was going to announce I was prego didn't you?! Andy & I took the next step in our marriage and purchased our first car together. It was a big step considering the most expensive thing we've ever purchased thus far is our plane tickets to Canada (which we are so stoked to be going there in t-minus 3 days) Ironically, Andy's car transmission went out the day after we talked about getting rid of my bug bug that he so loves to drive. Unfortunately for Andy we had to purchase something that would serve him well for the next 10 years or so. Needless to say he got something I swore I would never own...a Subaru Outback. I said I'd never own one because #1 hippie tree huggin' liberals tend to own them #2 I would look so much hotter in a Lexus IS 250 #3 the older ones remind me of a station wagon. Now that we have one I love it! What other car can you camp in, carry your bikes, snowboards, offroad in & even throw a kid in the back seat! I actually almost cried when we got home from test driving it because I realized I've changed since being married to Andy (for the better) & owning a Subaru is just one more step closer to making me into a Northwest girl & not the Arizona girl that I am: ( My sister's adorable family stopped by to say hi on their way to Disneyland so we got a pic in front of the new wheels...I LOVE my nieces & nephews!

Brig was attacking Andy in this pic...

ok, this one is a little nicer, from left to right: Andy, Hunter, Me, Bailee, Brigham, Jaxon, Jalen

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Beth and Wes said...

We love our old school forester!! Those new outbacks are sweet!! You have changed since you married Andy, I never would have thought it!!