Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm just gonna say it...

I LOVE US! Breck had the brilliant idea of a girls trip reunion in Park City filled with snowboarding, sledding, crafting, dancing and laughing, needless to say it was amazing! We literally stayed in "the penthouse" located at the resort it self, chatting it up until 4 am was a nightly occurrence and a few of us may have peed our pants just a little from laughing so know who you are : ) We were only missing two of "US", Jill (who just gave birth) and Cherisse : ( Oh how we missed you both! You girls will forever be my friends, I will never find friendships so unique filled with love & laughter, free of girl drama and caddyness. I truly had the best high school experience thanks to all of you, FRIENDS 4EVR

We made a pact...don't let me down!! Can't wait for "GIrls Showdown 2014"


AshleyS said...

How fun! So glad you had a great time. Good friends make life so much better. ps. don't let me forget that i owe you $!!!

Also, we need to do Japanese BBQ!

Breck said...

Yes it was amazing and Yes I will be there for the 2014 adventure.