Sunday, July 5, 2009

Andrew Look Alike

I got a message from a friend today, telling me that he was watching my brother play in the US Open. Aparently, Hunter Mahan is an Andrew Martin look alike. You be the judge, do we look alike?

The Real Andrew Martin
(If you are reading this blog, I hope that you already know what I look like. I shouldn't even have to include this picture)

The following pictures are of the Andrew Martin look alike.


thefrommfam said...

Holy Cow they do look alike. That is cool. He could be a poser for a proffesional golfer. Have I told you that I am way into golf now. I love it! I love you more though, don't worry.

Saragers said...

wow. the first two pics i said to myself, "hmmm...kinda." then the third i said, "whoa!" he totally looks like you!! that's cool!!

Bup and Bridget said...

Wow! You guys are twins! I have always wanted to find my twin of the world. I would even settle for my identicle hand twin:) You are so lucky you found yours!

Ashley said...

Totally. The hair is a little different, but I think it is the mouth and teeth that are so strikingly similar.

Jen, your week with your nieces looked like so much fun. I hope that my kids have good aunts and uncles who are willing to spend time like that with them.