Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sUmMaHH tyme!

The best part about living in a central location to everybody's summer vacay spots is being able to slip away for the weekend and free load off them & pretend your on vacation for a few days!

nice hair ehh?!?!
my bestest sister!!
TWINNERS #2 haha we so did not plan this matchy match!
my little Brigham...how can you resist this face : )

get your game face on babe!

Jaxon & Hunter playing a friendly game of bury Bailee

that sucks! gotta love little brothers!

Jaxon just catchin' some rays

my favorite kiddos
We HEART Carlsbad! my family has gone every year since I can remember & it's always a lot of fun! I'm just glad Andy & I could slip away from real life for a few days to enjoy it. Oh & sorry for the picture overload, I'm just trying to make up for Shelley's lack of blogging about her adorable kids!


Elyse said...

So Fun!! I love the matchy-matchy shirts! You guys look like you had a blast!! Yeah for vacations!

Saragers said...

stop!! i can't stand it!! i want to be on the beach right this second!!!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, Andy getting his pink on... I guess real men really do wear pink.

Bup and Bridget said...

That used to be me with you chillin on the Carlsbad beach and getting into all kinds of trouble. Oh how I miss those days:( Bup and I will be in Newport the 19th through the 24th. If you have any of those days off we need to play!!!