Sunday, June 21, 2009

BeDazzle me!!!

Of course I BEDAZZLED my Nalgene bottle and ID badge because I'm classy like that! I asked Andy if he thought the bedazzler was from the 90's, he said, "either people in the 90's or a 12 year old!" Well then its official I'm 12 years old because I LOVE TO BEDAZZLE! At least my water bottle will sparkle on my desk : ) Andy may think I'm a 12 year old, but secretly I know he wishes I would bedazzle his phone! If he's lucky he might just wake up to a shiny red & blue Angels emblem on his cell! heehee : )


AshleyS said...

this confirms it--hays needs to hang out with doctor jen b/c how fun is bedazzling!

please do the angels emblem on andy's phone, that would rock. just make sure you get pics. of his reaction to it.

what's your work schedule this week? let's hang. i feel like i'm sitting around waiting for a bomb to go off...and i'm the bomb. no fun.

Jen said...

I thinks it's totally fun!
Nothing wrong w/ a little glitter:)

Paul*Anne*Cohen said...

um, thats pretty much amazing!! I love it!!
So we want to double date for real some time, when are you two free?

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

so cute! I might have to send you my stuff to be Bedazzled as well!!

Bup and Bridget said...

Oh Jen, There is nothing wrong with bedazzle! I would bedazzle my clothes like they do in the commercial if I had the little tool! Oh how I love you!

Ali Seaman said...

Jen this is hilarious.I thought I already wrote that, but I guess not. You really should do Andy's phone. My friend had a similar idea... you HAVE to read it. Girl after your own heart. Here's the link:

Try that one out! :)

p.s. we miss you guys!

Christy said...

Jen, I love it! It is so you, you can't go work with the bedazzled! Hope everything is going well for you guys!

The Gerrard