Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Last Run

We had a blast spending Andy's spring break in WA with his fam! Of course we hit up the resort several times while there to make sure we saw some fresh powder before the season was over!

Andy and his dad shreddin' the pow pow!Me and my awesome father in-law

Andy is so white, but man can he get air...beautiful!

Andy is a stud, I love watching him board!

so handsome!

aww what the heck I wanna try
First attempt....AHHHH!

it's ok i'm still alive

Well, how about one more try

Our poor brother in-law broke his clavicle on the very first run of the day! :( We hope your surgery goes well!

Seattle waterfront before heading back to LA

Andy's dad wanted to stop at an old antique shop in Seattle to look around and out front we found this little guy very interested in these magazines...I can't imagine why
p.s. it was not a porn shop!


Saragers said...

it looks like andy's beard kept him warm. jonathan's growing one too. surprisingly, i doesn't bother me. loved your crash picture!! thanks for the laugh! looks like you made it the second time! love you!

Beth and Wes said...

Jen I had no idea you were such a stud at snowboarding!! You are lookin good going off that jump!! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Jen and Joel said...

Holy Cow...you are both amazing at those jumps. Jen you are so much more brave then I am. Nice Air!!

Cambrie said...

Wow-- that is amazing! I think I'm too chicken to do anything like that! It looks fun though if you are confident...

Ali said...

Wow! You're so brave! Nice air. Good pics. Looks COLD. How fun.

Ashley said...

Whoa Jen, you are a snowboarding fool. I am so unbelievably jealous.

Nerd Girl said...

hey!! im glad you found my blog!! and yes i am serious about the tickets..if you let me know the dates i can check if they are available! you can purchase either 2 or 4 of them. e-mail me! fitlizzio@gmail.com