Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tis the season!

The most wonderful time of year is back (according to Andy), so we had to hit this place up, in memory of this young man.  How sad, life really is so precious and can be taken away from us at the blink of an eye.  One minute your living your dream, the next your life on this earth is over.
I'm just glad my husband likes to watch sports, that was always a concern of mine when dating I was afraid I'd have to be the man of the house.  No books for our kids, just sports!  (i am totally kidding by the way...sorta : )

On a lighter note I found a new way to trick andy into mopping all of our floors.  I really didnt want to clean today since I was up at the crack of dawn pretending I'm a runner and then rounding at the hospital so... I flooded our house for the 5th time in the past year!  Yea I never learn my lesson...Andy says, "JEN QUIT THROWING SPONGES IN THE UTILITY SINK".  Its not my fault I clean so much (yea right).  You see our ghetto washer is connected to the utility sink so every time I do laundry all the water drains into the sink, but not very well when its clogged with a sponge or a towel.  Plus it always stirs a good argument, I mean really who is happy when your house looks like a kiddie pool and your pretend studying/watching baseball is interrupted for a towel ringing fest!  Marriage would be boring without a good fight (If you and your spouse never argue YOU ARE BORING & so lame!)  Well that's just my opinion I guess.  Oh well at least I got my floors mopped with Andy's help.  Hee hee...I'm so tricky!

p.s. wow I just figured out how to make word colorful!  HOW FUN! oh & Boston Red Sox SUCK!  HAPPY EASTER!  I hope you all indulge in cadburry crunchy chocolate colorful way better than m&ms eggie thingys cause those are the BESTEST!


Matt and Elyse said...

Jen- I'm so glad your package arrived! Enjoy it!

Saragers said...

andy shaved his beard!! are you so happy? i'm loving jonathan's...though i'm not quite sure why

Jen said...

Jen you look so good:)

Lexi and Jared Westergard said...

Oh my gosh that is crazy. I totally think that is what Jared does that, pretend study/watch sports center.