Thursday, November 6, 2008

PROP 8 Protestors

I just turned on the news and saw a large group of people protesting PROP 8 outside the LA Temple.  One lady was talking, I mean yelling that the reason it passed is because the Mormon church donated money to the campaign.  No, to be correct people from all different religious backgrounds and beliefs donated their time and commitment and money to an issue they believe in.  Since when is it bad to invest time/money/work into something you believe in?  There were obviously people who supported NO on PROP 8 who donated their money and time as well. Funny how they try to find someone to blame for not "winning".  Maybe they should take into consideration the rest of the state of California who voted YES...maybe there are still some people with values in this liberal state.  All those who voted YES were definately not LDS.

P.S.  We all knew Obama would win right?  Of course I didn't vote for him...I think he's a socialist not a democrat.  How could you blame me, I am the daughter of Rush Limbaugh's number one fan.  To be completely honest, I'm not really upset about it.  I'm not gonna lie, I enjoy listening to his eloquent and empowering speeches..."YES WE CAN", its so inspiring.  Let's not forget his celebrity style good looks.  Isn't that what we all need, a celebrity for the President of our country?  Sounds good to me, we already hang onto Hollywood's every word, action, and latest fashion trend however rediculous it may be.  Really, I think Obama is representing the majority of the American people quite well.  Congratulations President, I support you in the very difficult task that lays before you.  Just do me one favor...focus on the economic slump and keep your socialist ideas out of health care.  SI SE PUEDE!


Ashley said...

Oh Jen. I heart you too.

Ali Seaman said...

I love the si se puede. you are a crack-up! And he is quite the charismatic one, isn't he?

Cambrie said...

I saw a similar protest on CNN. they said "homosexuals were protesting outside of the mormon church headquarters in LA". the temple is headquarters hu?
I am trembling at the thought of universal healthcare.

Livin' Wright said...

Oh how I miss you Jenjolley! Everytime I read your Blog I think of all of the fun we could be having together, and the Heated Conversations we would have! Tank said that if we have socialized Healthcare we are moving to Greece!