Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music makes us happy!

In addition to learning survival skills, Andy has taught me to have a greater appreciation for music of all sorts. He has especially taught me that most of the music on the radio is crap and the only reason they are even on the radio is because of the way they look not because they can sing? Pretty valid right? We went to a concert friday night in Hollywood at the Music Box to see Zach Gill and Mason Jennings who are both on Jack Js record label. So if you like Mr. Johnson, you will love these two! I am in love with not only Zach Gill's singing voice but especially his normal speaking voice....its amazing! Jack, Zach, Mason & Rogue Wave just released a Christmas album & its my new favorite holiday season cd :) check out the clips below for some fabulous music.

Zach Gill: yes he is playing the accordian! You really aren't a muscian unless you can also play the yucaleilei(however you spell it) and the drums & piano at the same time which he did! This is the cutest funniest love song I love it!

Mason Jennings: sorry the video turns to the side in the middle but the tune is still good & funny... a little tribute to Christians and Buddha

Then Saturday we took advantage of the sunny California not so almost winter weather & took a hike! It was beautiful! How can I complain when we can do this in November, however, it would be nice to have to wear a coat!

(a random abandoned cabin along the way, Andy wishes we lived there)

(a beautiful view of the wilderness Andy plans on getting lost in)

P.S. Grizzly Adams preparing for winter survival...not sure he will be able to do so with out his electronic toys. We'll see how he survives without his precious computer in the woods :) (if you don't get it, read the post below)


Brittany said...

Jen, you are hilarious! I love the Grizzly Adams comment and your post below.

Louesa started dancing when I watched the video clips. How fun that you two get to do all these fun things while you're in that area--I would definitely love to have more of an opportunity to hear people sing. Love love love Mason Jennings and Zach Gill.

Um, can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!

Brittany said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that as soon as Louesa saw the picture of Andy with his beard, hat, and laptop, her face lit up and she said, "Look! Look!" She definitely recognized him, but never enough to say "Andy."

Ben said...

Dude Andy love the scruff. I'm growing mine also dawg. Come snowboard with us this year!