Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos Andres!

Andy's birthday weekend started with camping at the beach 
in Santa Barbara & roasting marshmallows 
around the fire with Kyle & Jenny
A surprise dinner at CPK with some of his classmates that didn't 
turn out to be a surprise afterall thanks to one of them :)!

an Angel's baseball cake made especially by me!  
It was so fun to make, I couldn't wait for him to see it!
I love how he looks like a little boy with his 
baseball cake in the pic above!  
(yes, those are chocolate dipped oreos, aren't I creative?)

& his birthday night ended with a little Guitar Hero battle!


Greg and Michelle Andersen said...

You are crafty Jen! The cake is seriously very impressive. I had no idea you were that talented! Happy birthday Andy!

Ali Seaman said...

Ooohhh, crafty Jen! How fun! happy birthday Brother Martin. ha, ha. you're so old! :)

Harward Family said...

It looks like you guys had a fun time camping and what a fun birthday for Andy!

Jen and Joel said...

Great job on this cake. Your future kids are going to be lucky they have a mom that can decorate like that.

Beth and Wes said...

Jen it looks like you've got a really fun group of friends down there! That cake is awesome I didn't know you had it in you!!!