Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkinman TRI

I tricked Andy into going to Las Vegas this weekend so I could do the Pumpkinman.  We camped at Boulder Beach where the tri started instead of staying in a hotel.  It saved money and was way more fun being so rugged and granolaish in the woods.  Andy has turned me into a mountain woman!  Not really,  I'm just way more rugged than I use to be since we got married. Afterall,  my husbands dream is to live in a cave in Alaska and wear flannel shirts & grow a big shaggy beard.  How can he not rub off on me! 
The race was a lot of fun, but definately way harder than the sprint I did a while back.  A few weeks ago I had the option of switching races & I wanted to change to the sprint but Andy said if we were driving all the way to Vegas I had to do the full.  Go hard or go home right?  I about died on the bike portion and when I got to the transition area from bike to run Andy was nearby and I asked him "do I really have to run now ?"  I was so not looking forward to it after the bike felt like it was 99% uphill, my legs were jell-o!  I probably should have trained more, oh well. 

This is a pic of all the "weenies" in their wet suits.  I'm the one hiding wearing the tank and super hot spandex.  Basically, I can't afford a wet suit so I pretend that only weenies wear them to make myself feel super tough.

Anyways, I finished  & was glad I didn't chicken out and switch to the sprint distance.  In fact, I got home & found a full Ironman in northern Cali this coming summer that I am going to do so if anyone would like to join me I'd love a training buddy.  It's only 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run :)  Hey, you only live once right?  My philosophy is that if you're gonna die you might as well do it having fun.  

P.S.  I would like to add that I am very sad my Angel's lost in the first round to the stupid Red Sox.  I actually shed a tear after game 4 when they were officially knocked out.  I always pretend not to like them as much as Andy  but secretly I LOVE THEM!  Goodbye Reggie, until next season,  2009!


McKown's said...

Way to go Jen. I could never do what you do!!!

Greg and Michelle Andersen said...

Dang girl! You are turning into a crazy woman! Good luck with the ironman. I know I could NEVER do that, so sorry, count me out. :) Seriously you are amazing.

megan said...

Holy cow woman! You are instense! That is awesome!! Good job!! I seriously can't imagine doing that! That is tough! I would love to a do tri with you...but I don't think I can pull of a full! Let me know how you train for it! Good job- you seriously rock!!!

Harward Family said...

wow you are pretty amazing I could never do that ....I saw your blog on Ashely's page and just wanted to say hello!

Jen and Joel said... are amazing. There is no way I could finish a race like that. You are an inspiration to us. We miss you guys!

Cambrie said...

I was going to start my comment with "wow! you're amazing!" but it seems that it's already been said : ) I have tons of respect for you. It takes an iron will and a ton of dedication to be able to do that!

The Arnett Family said...

Jen you are my idol. I am so jealous. I wish I had the time to train; just too crazy with the little ones right now. Hopefully someday soon. Maybe when or if you move back to Mesa, we can train together. Love ya.