Sunday, March 2, 2008


Andy has been waiting for this year's baseball season to start since the Angel's last home game in September!  He bought spring training tickets the day they went on sale.  I didn't mind a bit since it would give me a chance to visit family & friends!  We had a great time with them!  My favorite was my girl's night!  My friends get together for a girls night once a month & I am always so jealous when I find out they are having fun without me.  We took our nephew Hunter to the Angels vs Cubs game for an early birthday present, he loved it.  Oh, I can;t forget...Angels 6, Cubs 2.  GO ANGELS!
Andy, Hunter & Me in front of Angels Stadium

Sorry I didn't get one of all of us girls!  But at least we got one with Nixon!

P.S.  "I like salad" (Benchwarmers movie)
This is what Andy calls a jensalad!  
Yes, I'm officially a fatty, I can finish it by my self & I know 
I look terrible but it was a long drive!


Livin' Wright said...

What Fat A got that Salad! I am sad that you had to go back to CA. Let me know in advance the next time you come down! I will plan out an entire day, so Andy will LOVE AZ!

AshleyS said...

a jensalad looks yummy..and healthy! glad you guys had fun, see you tomorrow at the BATs class.

Ali Seaman said...

Yea! So glad you finally posted! Ha, ha. Looks like fun. yummy, who doesn't like salad? You're so funny!

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, mark your point off on the healthy habits chart...thanks for rubbing it in my face. Jerk.

Marie said...

Jen! I love your blog and I absolutely love your crazy marathon picture. Seriously.

Breck said...

Yes Jen you are sooo fat because you can eat a salad! Oh please, you are such a health nut. I loved playing with you and I miss you.