Sunday, March 30, 2008


SO I am officially BORED & miss my husband!  Since he's not here & I can't wait til he gets home I've resorted to blogging about him.  The little rascal jetted off to Washington for his spring break to visit his family & snowboard with his dad.  I must admit, the first 2 nights he was gone I really enjoyed having our bed all to my self!  I was actually feeling a little bit guilty about enjoying it!  

1.  He is an avid BBQer.  My idea of me making
 dinner is getting some meat & veggies out of the fridge & asking Andy to BBQ them!

2.  He makes me home made cards.  Probably because he refuses to pay $5 for a Hallmark card, but I'd like to think it's because he's very thoughtful.

3.  He loves the snow & lives to snowboard.  He picked it up after he got home from his mission
 & you'd think he'd been doing it forever.

4.  He always has to be growing something,  either a beard or shaggy hair.  Never together, always seperate.    He can't just ever be clean cut or shaven.  His beard makes me laugh because 
it grows out red with a blonde stripe down the middle & if he wears a plaid shirt he looks like a lumberjack!  He loves to make me crazy!

5.  He loves wakeboarding too!  Basically, if you can't tell he loves doing anything outdoors... he is quite the adventurer.  He is always up for having some fun!  His ideal place to live is an hour from the mountain and a lake right next door.  

Well, now that I sound like a desperate housewife who can't live without her man... it's true, I guess can't!


Ashley said...

Grass is always greener on the side where your husband is not where you want him to be...That was supposed to be profound but I think it just sounds stupid. I know what you mean though. At least your hair looked cute today. And I like this song that's playing

Mom of Two said...

Cute pictures and I hope that he made it home safe today!

AshleyS said...

he was gone a long time! i'm glad he's back now. did he like your nails? the boys are all biking right now, and we are all working. is something wrong with this picture? nah, they deserved this break.

Brittany said...

I'm sorry you were so lonely without Andy, but, thanks for letting him come--it was so good to get to see him again! I only wish you could have come too. . .

Cambrie said...

No wonder you were sitting alone at church! I feel for you-- I don't do very well with my husband gone either. School starts again soon...