Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's me again!

Well I have completely neglected this little family blog of ours! I really do feel like I have a good excuse, more like a list of them...here's what we've been up to since Andy CONGRADUATED!

1. bought our first home
2. moved from California to Washington
3. watched the moving company pack our house in Cali...t'was glorious!
4. cried when everything arrived in Washington and we had to do the unpacking
5. started a new job
6. boating trips to the Columbia river
7. spent 4th of July in Oregon with Andy's grandma
8. got the sweetest, cutest puppy and named him Milo
9. gave Milo back 5 days later and he was renamed Jasper ;( Milo was so much better
10. started to make progress on decorating the house
11. way too many trips to Target and Wal-Mart to count
12. oh and did I mention growing a baby! I am so excited to meet the little man who has been boxing inside my belly!

Git... in... meh... belleh!
Yes I know that I am getting huge, please don't remind me. Today at work one of the female Docs casually mentioned that I'm getting bigger by the day. I smiled said thank you and quickly waddled away! I swear that every time I look in the mirror, miraculously my belly seems to grow! I no longer recognize my hands and feet. In fact, on the way to the river Saturday, Andy informed me that my hands looked HUGE and I could karate chop a loaf of bread with one hand! So sweet of him ; ) Then later that day we had been watching 48 hours Mystery about a husband who murdered his wife and I was super creeped out. He then comforted me by telling me that he didn't think either of us were capable of murder, however if one of us did kill the other it would be me who murdered him! He said I'm the hot blooded one! Come on me, hot blooded no way! What can I say, I'm a Jolley, our blood is naturally hot!


Beth and Wes said...

Jen I remember getting bigger by the day!! i swear from weeks 23-34 or so it was crazy how fast I grew!! You look so cute, don't worry about it!! Tell Andy to tell you the baby is getting instead of telling you that you are getting bigger!! We need to meet in the middle sometime soon, if you guys go to vantage again I would drive there to see you and you could meet Oliver!!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, You R Adorable!!!

Andy & Jen said...

I would love it if we could meet up! I wanna meet ur cute little man!

Paul*Anne*Cohen*Addison said...

Just when you think your belly can't possibly stretch anymore... It does! Get over it, you're gorgeous! I actually think you were really smart for giving the puppy away. So cute but too much work w a new baby. Miss and love you!!