Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fresh Pickins'

This past week Andy and I had the same day off so we took advantage of the beautiful summer and growing season here in WA and went to pick blueberries! It was so fun, I have never done anything like this before! Growing up in AZ I think I picked corn a few times with my mom, but berries are so much better, especially since you can pop a few in your mouth to taste test while you pick ; ) The owner of the farm said next in season is apricots and apples...can't wait! Fresh produce tastes amazing!

Andy and I went to a Blitzen Trapper concert at a really cool venue last night. It was an old church building and was a smaller show, the band was amazing live! My favorite part about it was that there were church pews for me to sit my pregnant self down on and enjoy the music. Check out Blitzen Trapper and Ages and Ages if your are looking for some good new music!

On the baby front, our little man is growing like crazy! I had a little freak out moment last week when I was exposed to a virus at work that can cause fetal death even as late as the third trimester. Thankfully after some prayer I know everything will be ok. Can't wait to meet this baby boy and bring him home! His nursery is currently a work in progress, but so much fun!

As my OB said at my last visit (the day this was taken) "you're face looks fuller" In other words..."your face looks fat"! THANKS!

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