Sunday, April 17, 2011


AHHHH I don't know if I should cry, scream, be thankful or just plain scared!!! I've been doing a little bit of all of the above. If you've noticed, I haven't blogged in quite sometime. Needless to say, life has been just plain CRAZY! In addition to having our first baby, which Mandrew refers to as Skeletor, Rambo and now Egon, we have both accepted jobs in Yakima, WA and I'm moving there May 28th (I'll be back in Cali for Andy's graduation in June though). Oh and on the last day of visiting the Northwest I decided we were going to buy a house so I walked through one for 5 minutes, it felt right and I told Mandrew we were buying it...and WE DID!!! Well we are trying to... Going through the whole home buying experience has taught me that having more government control is the worst idea ever!!! They don't know jack, there's a million of crazy rules, I feel like I'm being watched by little hidden cameras! Yet somehow we want these morons to control our healthcare? grrr that's another topic for another post.

Anywho, we are very excited yet scared at the same time. We have loved our life in southern california pretty much foot loose and fancy free, as my mama would like to call it. Soon we'll have a little bundle of joy to keep us tied down and I am so thankful for that and the opportunity we have to become parents. I am so proud of Andy for doing so well in school in a very rigorous program. It's funny, people always ask me if PT school is tough because Andy never talks or complains about it. YES it has been tough, its a Doctorate degree for cryin' out loud!!! Thankfully, my husband is a worry free kind of guy because I do enough worrying for the both of us. We are excited for our future and we are sure going to miss our past.

p.s. there will be no belly pictures until I start looking fat and pregnant because right now I just look plain fat!


TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

Love the house, so cute! congrats on the many changes!

Beth and Wes said...

I'm so excited you guys are moving up to WA!! I'm with you on the belly pictures I think my first one was at 24 weeks!!

AshleyS said...

your new house is gorgeous! so excited for you and all the happy changes. your little boy is so lucky. and excited to get together hopefully very soon. LOVES!