Saturday, November 13, 2010

only in San Francisco...

I learned a few things while traveling to what people call"the city" by myself this past week...

1. it's totally normal to dine alone in a cafe or any restaurant for that matter

2. giving the "runners wave" to other joggers will only get you weird looks, not a smile

3. panhandelers make more money than I do

4. obesity is not as epidemic since everyone walks to consume their dinner

5. forget about the treadmill, walking the San Francisco hills is much more intense

6. water, what's that? coffee is the #1 source of hydration, or in my case, diet coke

7. talking to old men on buses isn't strange, it's fascinating

8. walking around wearing a bulky Garmin watch to track how many miles you've walked is not the least bit cool. In fact when it beeps at every mile marker people give you a look of disgust : )

9. always carry something sharp in your pocket in case someone tries to mess with you

10. oh & even more importantly, always carry your Rainbows in your purse incase your feet start to hurt


thefrommfam said...

Wow jen! That looks like so much fun. What were you there for? I really think we should plan a girls trip really soon. Love you and miss you.

Andy & Jen said...

hey steph I was there for an emergency medicine was fun!