Monday, November 1, 2010

Andy's birthday spook-tacular!

Somehow the birthday boy managed what I'd call more of a birthday weekend, that started with camping and rock climbing in Joshua Tree with good friends!
Spider man & his wifey even paid us a visit!
Sierra, Me & Kiersten
Please note, I did not participate in bouldering i.e. climbing rocks without ropes or equipment and relying on people below to catch you if you fall...I chose life instead of death! Although I do have to admit these other peeps were pretty impressive!
The birthday boy also managed a costume party in between all his fun. I was obviously a hippie and totally rocked my costume to the ghetto to pick up some rice & beans for the party. In front of the restaurant was a homeless druggie looking man sitting in a wheel-chair missing his left leg and when he saw me he got a ginormous smile on his face and yelled "yea man 1972 man"! Guess I dressed the part well!
I promise this is a costume, however all of it did come from his closet! Andy takes dressing up very seriously & has been growing that hairy monster on his face since September...he even got the creepy prospector face down. Let's just say this night gave me a glimpse into my future and I'm rather worried!
We ended his day in the studio audience of the Leno show with Janet Jackson & our favorite guy from modern family! Happy 28th, hope it was a good one with many more to come.

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Caton Ann said...

we watched competetive bouldering the other day and it literally looked liek the hardest thing you could ever do!