Sunday, August 15, 2010

tale encounters of the human kind

I really wish that I kept better track of funny and interesting moments that happen daily with odd and hysterical patient encounters. Here are a few of my favorites...that I can remember : )

1. I walk into a room to find a 400+ pound woman lying in the bed, introduce myself, "Hi my name is Jennifer I'm a PA" only to have the lady reply, "what does PA stand for, oh your my personal assistant wonderful!" I just looked in amazement and said, "yes, would you like your pedicure or manicure first?" Better yet how 'bout I make sure you don't die!
2. After doing a digital rectal exam on a male with rectal bleeding he asks, "can we cuddle?" I just shook my head in disbelief....seriously gross!
3. A cute middle-aged man stares at me after I introduce my self, smiles and says, "can I just call you Doogie Howser?"
4. Chief complaint..."I have noodles in my chest"....REALLY!
5. walk into a very STINKY room to find a ginormous lady with dreads that looked like octopus tentacles all tatted up in big block letters the word "BULL" on her right forearm and "SHIT" on her left. I couldn't help but wanna throw up my forearms and bump chests.



TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

love the noodles one! so random.

Katie said...

Weird, I was going to ask whether you wanted to cuddle when you helped me with my broken toe. ;)

Mechams said...

hahah! There are some crazy people out there!