Sunday, August 8, 2010

the Jack's are back!

Lumber Jack & Lumber Jen made a reappearance last week. We packed our flannels and most hideous tye-die apparrel, dusted off our Chacos and headed North up the coast to Morro Bay.... HOME OF THE SEA OTTER!!! Yes, I have another obsession other than Donny Osmond, it's sea otters. They are so cute I want to squeeze them (& the guy in the pic...apparently), too bad they're endangered. Oh well one day.
We camped in a tiny tent, ate heart shaped tomatoes to symbolize out hippie livin' love and roasted all things mallows and starbursts to our hearts content.
We snuck in a little edu-ma-cation and visited Hearst Castle. It was cool, that guy was redick, and I was once again reminded why I don't do the whole museum thing.

Best of all, the last day there we wandered to Morro Rock, ventured to a secluded area and spotted a sea otter swimming in the bay! I was ecstatic, I squealed...yes jenjolley squeals! As I got to close the otter he looked me straight in the face and ducked back under the ocean blue. I was sad he left so soon.

Central California was breathtakingly beautiful in every way...until next time

Love, Lumberjen & Lumberjack


Beth and Wes said...

I've been to the Hearst Castle, it's so sweet!!

Greg and Michelle Andersen said...

I seriously miss you so much! I wish we lived closer. Reading this made me want to take a road trip to visit JJ!!

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

Looks like fun! I didn't know you could roast starbursts. I bet they are deliciously gooey!