Thursday, March 4, 2010


With all that has been going on lately, Jen and I both needed a little getaway. We debated whether we should go or not but since we had been planning on making this trip to Mammoth for a couple months now we went. A couple of weeks ago was Combined Sectional Meetings for the APTA in San Diego, so i got the last half of the week off from school so I could attend the meetings. Instead Jen and I went up to Mammoth with a few of my classmates. It was alot of fun and we really enjoyed the bigger mountian and all of the terrian. These Southern California resorts just are not cutting it anymore. There are alot of pictures, so enjoy.

The Crew (Left to Right; Bjorn, Sebastian, Brad, Andy, Aaron, Jen, Ciara, Aarons BOL)

Some of the DPT class of 2011 (Andy, Sebastian, Brad, Bjorn, and Aaron)

Sebastian, Josh, Bjorn, and Andy

We found a cool Igloo.

More fun than Jen can handle.

Hiking back inbounds after hours of fun on the booter we built.

Isn't Mammoth Beautiful?


Jen said...

Perfect Getaway!

Kaylene Whitten said...

Jen- You are always on a vacation it seems. I'm glad your having so much fun!! Do you ever vacation in Twin Falls??? ;)))

Ashley said...

Yes, so jealous. I want to go to there.