Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things Worth Remembering

Get out your kleenex, this is going to be a tear jerker!  No, just kidding.  In all seriousness, since I'm no longer a student and currently unemployed I've spent a lot more time thinking lately.  Anyways, tonight I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about my grandparents, the ones who have passed on, the ones that are still here, changing, aging, not quite the same as they use to be.  I was thinking about my favorite times with them.  Watching "Matlock" and "Murder She Wrote" thinking it was the scariest show ever as an 8 year old.  Cleaning Granny's house for extra change so me and my cousins could walk down to AMPM because it was super cool to be so grown up.  Staying up until 3am with Grumpy, playing board games and then waking up to "Grumpy's Grand Slam"  which included waffles piled high with a slice of ham, poached egg and ketchup (can't believe I ate that!)  Granny & Grumpy taking the cousins to Pancho's & putting up with us all fighting over who got to raise the flag for more sopapias.  Spending the night at Grandma's, making "healthy chocolate milkshakes" (honestly, she puts flaxseed in everything)  while she helped me with my long division (man I hated math).  Sitting on Grandpa's lap out on the porch in Heber, AZ with our cowboy hats on while he sang me his favorite cowboy songs at the very home & porch he grew up at.  Racing Grumpy down the water slide at Sun Splash, thinking "I must be his favorite since I braved The Bonze Eye slide".  Playing Wii with Grandma Taylor, flinching after her every swing thinking she would surely throw the remote right through the t.v. screen.  Then laughing as she did her famous victory dance to rub her win in a little more! (this was my first experience with Grandma Taylor, she is Andy's grandma...I loved her instantly)  My grandparents were and still are very simple people.  They didn't spoil me with gifts or take me on elaborate vacations (heck, grandma's big outing is still going to the grocery store on Friday) Instead, they gave me a lot of great memories that will stay with me longer than any tangeable item. I feel like sometimes the world today doesn't remember the simple things in life, doesn't remember to take a little time for others.  We feel like things could always be bigger & better.  I feel like we are all so busy that we forget to take a step back and remember it's the simple things that can be the most fun.  
What's your favorite "simple" childhood memory?

Wow!  I feel like Dr. Laura or something, I must be losing me mind...need to find a job ASAP before I turn into some sentimental sap!


Ashley said...

Running ten miles with you Jen-that's worth remembering.

Hmmm, chocolate flax seed shakes??? I don't know about that.

AshleyS said...

i love this post! my cousin just sent me some pictures of my grandparents and i just think that those people really know what is important. i hate that they have to grow old. you inspired my next post, thanks!