Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dreams Do Come True

Let me start this one out my stating that this is Andy writing this blog entry, not Jen. I have been encouraged and invited several times by Jen to contribute to out blog, but I never was motivated to. We dont have kids to write about, and I really only use our blog to check out pictures and videos of my neice Louesa (I havent meet her yet in person). I just really havent had anything to blog about... untill now. It just so happened that Jen and I both had the day off today, and I some how managed to convince her that we should head over to Anaheim and take a tour of Angels stadium.
It was great, I felt like little kid all over again. We got to walk through the clubhouse, sit in the dugout, visit the press boxes, and so much more. We were pretty lucky too, because they were filming a commercial on the field for Howards Electronics, and Mike Scioscia and a couple of the players were there. We only saw Macier Izturis, he said hello to us as he was walking by. Its funny that something as simple as a $3 tour of a baseball stadium could make me so happy. Christmas came early for me this year.

To make the day even better, after we finished the tour we headed over to my new favorite restaurant, Fuddruckers, to grab lunch. Growing up in Washington, I never got to experience Fuddruckers and it wasnt untill this past Thanksgiving that my Brother in Law, Mike, took me there, and It was a match made in heaven. Well thats it for my first blog, hopefully I didnt bore you, but if you are on here reading my blog you must have been bored in the first place.


Matt and Elyse said...

Andy! It was fun to read your blog. Looks like you had the greatest day off.

Brittany said...

Andy you are the coolest, most rockin', most out-of-sight person I know. I suppose you had to be to secure the wife you did.

Glad you had such a great day.

Mom of Two said...

Fun!! You guys are so cute!! Have a good time on your trip and good luck running!!! We'll see you soon! Merry Christmas!

snlbarney said...

Andy, welcome to blogging - you set a great example to all the other hubbies of blogging women:) I am so glad you both got to go to the stadium - that is cool! Hope you have a great holiday, and we'll see you when we all return back!!