Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Drew will be three weeks old tomorrow! I cannot even believe how fast time is going. He seems to be growing so much. At his 2 week appointment he weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces and was 23 inches long. He seems to be growing like a weed. He is really the easiest baby. He rarely cries and when he does it's usually when I'm changing his diaper...he's modest like that ; ) He is sleeping very well through the night and doesn't seem to have his days and nights mixed up. My favorite thing about him as of late is that he literally cracks up laughing in his sleep. I'm not talking the baby "gas smiles". When he laughs, his whole belly shakes. I think it's his Papa Joe telling him jokes from Heaven.

Having my mom here after he was born was wonderful. It was great to have her company and be given reassurance that I'm doing things right. My mom is known as Nano (long story) by all of her grand kids, even the neighbors and my nieces boyfriend LOL : ) She really is the best Nano. She will be the one to give Drew his first Rolo cookie and chocolate milkshake!

Drew already loves his Nano very much. His favorite blanket to sleep with is one that she made and he loves his Owl quilt. He literally started smiling when I layed him on it. My mom is so talented and crafty, not sure what happened to me. I absolutely love the sign she made for his room, it looks great hanging on the wall. Since having Drew I have been so homesick for Mesa. I haven't been this homesick since I first went away to college almost 10 years ago. There's just something about having a baby that makes you need your mama. I never really understood it until now.
Andy is such a great dad! He loves to help out and is always volunteering to do things. Drew loves his daddy very much and gets excited when he's home from work. I am so thankful for a husband that is always willing to help me any way he can.


Jen said...

Oh he is just precious!
Just love him up, it goes by so fast!

Beth and Wes said...

Jen he is SO cute!!! I love him! He's growing like Oliver did a pound a week!! We aren't as crafty as our mothers because we spent all our time playing soccer and tennis!! That quilt looks amazing!!