Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our day in LA

Whew it's been a while... not much happenin' round here! Still just working while Andy finishes up his last two internships...wahoo! Exciting things to come, we can't wait to see what our future holds.
We met up with our good friends the McQueen's and Swindle's at the Clippers game for a little pre-birthday celebration for Sierra. We had our very own box suite in the nose was awesome! Can I just say that Blake Griffin is one manly beast to watch live!

Before the game, Andy and I spent some time at the Santa Monica Pier laughing, people watching and riding the famous ferris wheel that is much smaller up close than it appears.

I think we might be the only couple that didn't sit next to each other on the ferris wheel LOL!
Needless to say, we had a great day! I'm pretty sure the homeless man we saw masturbating as we exited the parking garage is what topped it off... seriously, SICK TO THE NAST... only in LA!

p.s. sorry if I offended any of you with such adult words, Andy had to explain what it meant to me myself. Well, that's all for now...I was planning on being "healthy" today, but it's raining so I must bake cookies...and eat them...and then cry about how I'm fat...and then andy will tell me to stop being rediculous...and then I'll laugh because I'd rather be fat & eat cookies! kbye : )


Jen and Joel said...

Oh Jen...that is what I say to Joel too, and he says...why do you make cookies then. But, he sure enjoys eating them. Miss you guys. Move to Spokane and make cookies with me.

Saragers said...

lol!!! jenny, i love you!! i miss you!!

Jen said...

yes we r selling them. we haven't decided on details yet, but if you like I will add you to the list.

Andy & Jen said...

Jen, yea once you know more details let me know!