Sunday, December 19, 2010

First leg of Christmas Break

Since I will be graduating from grad school this year, this will be the last time that I get a two week vacation for Christmas. I decided to make it a fun one and after finishing up classes on this past Thursday I flew to Salt Lake to meet up with my Dad and Brother to do some snowboarding and then road trip it together up to Washington. This has been the first leg of my break. I will be hanging out in Washington a few more days, then flying down to Arizona to meet up with Jen and spend Christmas with her and her family. Here are a few pictures from the past few days.
Found this gem in a gas station
We spent Friday snowboarding at Snowbird, it was a good day
My Dad taking in the view
The strap on my bidings broke, so I tied an extra shoelace on for an improvised strap just to get down the mountain
On Saturday we started the 12 hour drive up to Yakima. We stocked up on snacks
The roads were pretty icy and we drove in alot of snow

As we were going over the Blue Mountains in Oregon a semi jack-knifed on the icy road, blocking the entire highway. We sat in the car waiting for them to clear the road for nearly 4 hours. It was cold and our 12 hour drive turned into 18 hours. Im glad to be in Washington now.

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