Saturday, May 22, 2010

San- O

We love camping, we love the beach, they sure go hand in hand. Our friends Jordan & Sierra invited us out to go camp at San Onofre with some of their classmates from PA school. Did I mention I'm so glad to be done with all of that! Andy surfed, we did a nice 10 mile run, layed on the beach & enjoyed the sun. I heart summer.
Who needs kids when I have a very large child I have to keep my eye on at all times. Anywhere he finds a "danger", or "caution" sign he runs over to it so excited to check it out!

By the way Subi has been great to us, we can drive eat and sleep in it, how fabulous is that? It really is every girl's dream. Oh and YES, I am wearing a head lamp!

1 comment:

Jen said...

I have never camped on the beach.
I think all the sand would get to me a little, but is would still be a blast.

Gotta love those head lamps- Scott has sported one on several house work projects- but never on the beach, apparently you are the only one cool enough for that :)