Friday, June 13, 2008


I am officially an SPF PSYCHO!  Ever since my clinical rotation in dermatology seeing the nasty after effects of sun damage I apply sunscreen every morning as soon as I get out of the shower.  I started with spf 15, moved onto 50 and have worked my way up to 70!  Yes, this is coming from a girl who worships the sun, grew up playing tennis all day in the sun never wearing sunscreen so I could be as dark as possible.  My coach in college warned me I'd turn to leather when I was 40 if I kept hitting up the tanning bed after practice bet I never cared til now!
I went to a plastic surgery and cosmetic injectables conference last week (not because I'm getting the boob job I've always dreamed of) but so i can do botox and other procedures once I graduate.  Anyways, they had this machine you stick your face in and it scans your skin and shows you all the sun damage, dark spot, wrinkles, and what you'll look like in 5-10 yrs  without using sunscreen!  I freaked of course, especially since my new obsession with spf!  Honestly, its not worth being tan now so you look like your 60 years old when you're 40.  Its not worth having nasty scars on your face from skin cancer removal with the perma red skin look, wrinkles, and keratoses all over your arms, its so ugly!   
     I of course have been lecturing everyone about the sun!  Today I told one of my sun goddess gorgeous friends who never wears sunscreen she needs to wear it while she's at the beach this week and she said, oh I know I need to start ...I'm going to wear 15 with oil on top!  Gotta love it!
P.S.  My previously Joe Dirt looking husband finally shaved that nasty fu man chu just in time for my graduation Sunday...what a sweetheart!  I told him I did not want him in any pics with that thing but he didn't really seem to care so I for sure thought it was here to stay.  I got home from the hospital late and he was in bed, I reached over and felt a clean shaven face and wanted to jump for joy, it was the best part of my day!


Matt and Elyse said...

Freaky huh? I got my face scanned a few years years ago. Needless to say, I'm obsessed too. Yeah for being pale!

AshleyS said...

what a stupid friend you have to say that she was going to do sunscreen with oil on top! who would do that? seriously.


i totally agree with you and will take extra precautions this week, i promise, but i still can't give up the yearning to be tan. but i promise i won't tan my face. although, you probably should just encourage me b/c i'll be your best botox client in the future! bad business move, babe. hehe

missed you on the run today, but congrats on graduation. have a fun weekend, you deserve it, you are such a hard worker! congrats!

hopkins family said...

the older i get the more im starting to not care so much about being tan. im so glad you realized it too now. yeah for clean face andy! miss you and love ya:)

Cambrie said...

I am 76% more likely to wear sunscreen at the beach tomorrow due to this blog post. Thanks : )