Saturday, May 17, 2008


So after our date night last night with you ladies I was convinced to keep our blog and give it another try! I mean really if I quit I'd be missing out on all of your fun lives that I love being updated on. So I'll try to keep this up and decrease the angry political rants which are really no fun anyways.

Andy: very deep in thought staring down at the field says "Jen..."
Me: "yeah", thinking he was going to tell me something really interesting
Andy: "I love the Angels"
That pretty much sums up our life during baseball season!


Jason, Krystal, Emeri and Matix said...

I'm glad you decided to give the blog another chance because how else will I stay updated on my cuz. Your life may not seem interesting to you but honestly I spend most of my time with 2 four-year-olds and really sometimes I don't want to hear all about someone elses 4 year old. I want to hear about someone's interesting, kidless life that I sometimes wish I had! Plus all your witty comments make me laugh; what would I do without them :)

Ashley said...

Oh, that is so sweet and romantic. Just like the two of you. And the Angels. And me.

Ali said...

Andy... how deep and profound! :) Glad you are still in the blogging world... I would've missed you! Don't forget to share all the crazy med stories you have!

Marie said...

You better not leave the blogging world!

Matt and Elyse said...

Yeah for Blogging! I was so sad when I read your last post - then so happy when I read this one!!! I'm glad you'll be sticking around!

Stevo said...

My wife said you have nothing to blog about? What if you wrote about unique stuff? For example, how Andy is so cool, and such a good husband, or how he's so coordinated.