Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowboarding Vintage 2005

After spending Christmas up in Washington and spending a good part of that time on the mountain snowboarding in all the fresh powder, Ive really been having a hard time taking my mind off of snowboarding. Jen loved snowboarding, and learned really quick. We got her a board and all she needs now is her own coat and boots and she will be set. We didnt really get any good pictures of us snowboarding, so im throwing this video on here of some clips of me snowboarding. They are from back in 2005 (my first season snowboarding),it was shot on a digital camera and as you can tell my buddy Tyson that filmed got kinda cold and was shaking for some of them.


snlbarney said...

Great post Andy! I am jealous, we have not been able to snowbpard this season, but are hoping there is snow for spring break, and then we can get out there! Sean would love to snowboard with you, and Jen and I can take up the back:)

Livin' Wright said...

LOVE IT ANDY! Tank and I just got back from a boarding trip, and I Suck. I need to take a trip to big Bear and Practice.