Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's The Latest?

Well, not much has been going on except school for us! Andy started back last week at Cal State & I started a new rotation in urgent care/ family medicine! It's great except for all of the little kids I've treated are sending their germs home with I have pink eye! Andy just heard back from Andrew's University in Michigan and they want to interview him for their Doctorate of Physical Therapy program... I am so proud of him, he has worked so hard! Andy & I are training for a half marathon next month in Santa Barbara, we ran a 15K last weekend in 40 degree, raining freezing cold weather up in the mountains. It was really hard with the elevation and all of the hills but lots of fun! I have never been so cold and hot at the same time, when we crossed the finish line steam was coming off our clothes! I had about three layers on and looked like a marshmallow in my white fleece. Andy & I both placed 1st in our age division...probably because there weren't as many runners as usual due to the weather! Oh well, it still counts right? Afterwards we went to the Angel's last home game of the regular season before playoffs! What a FABULOUS day, running in the rain and baseball!


Matt and Elyse said...

Good for you guys! I always wanted to do a half marathon...I'll be rooting for you two!

Livin' Wright said...

I need to get off my lazy A and be more like you and Andy, but lets face it, that is probably not going to happen. :)